Friday, June 22, 2012

Theres a Crack in everything.

I was reading today...reading Poems by unknown authors, and stories of other families. I read quotes and questions, Feelings and answers. N I was touched by many of them.
sharing with you readers what I have seen

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." -Albert Einstein

of couse a few Bible verses
Be joyful in hope, patient in trouble, and persistent in prayer. ~Romans 12:12
For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory. ~2 Corinthians 4:17

theres a crack in everything. thats how the light gets in- Leonard Cohen

Alittle update

One Mans trash is another mans Treasure...that Saying used to scare me. Still kind of does, as Im super picky. But Because Im picky, and Do not just take ANYTHING. Us Deckers have made due with being picky, and yet gaining that which is FREE. As we scored another sweet deal on base. A free Sofa and Chair with ottoman in good condition. Clean. SMELL free, no stains or rips.COMFY! BIG. AND matching. SCORE!!!! I hunt around when bored and Hope to be the 1st to something listed free and decent. Which in a way being a bored stay at home mama right now isnt a good thing, as Im starting to be a pack rat (WHICH I HATE). Example, We moved into this house in August, with 1 small sofa, a TV stand n TV. Thats all the graced our sweet medium size livingroom. NOW nearly a year later, we have 3 sofas, a table, lamp, chair, ottoman, dresser for the TV, Pics on wall. Curtains. Normal Stuff really. MINUS the extra sofas ;) I LOVE FINDING A STEAL!

Things in our house have been pretty darn interesting, moms here. We are loud, and spread out. Have our moments of differences, moments of "shhhhhh I DONT WANT TO KNOW THAT" kind of conversations. But for the most part we have fun.KIDS think its awesome having Nonni here. We are just hoping for some nicer weather to head out this way so we can do some more outdoors FUN! Like we did last weekend.

Ryans HAIR! hahaha Sun block on his light head mixed with Salt water...lead to...CRAZINESS!
Emily was being a "dog" and Sophie was digging fast in the sand, and ALL were loving throwing rocks into the ICE ICE cold water. They were soaked n covered in dirt so much, that we had to strip them down for the ride home ;) Only thing that scared me is that Ryan has NO fear of water, n Likes to run into it. GREAT. But learn to swim first. eh!?

Emily is so ready for school, she is getting more and more excited. Doing really well with the idea, as I try n bring it up often. The more I do, the more I adjust to the idea as well. I have Sophies paper Work all ready to be summited for pre-k as well. Now that her IEP has been finished. Which she did pretty well in. Everything except for Speech (obviously) was right spot on her for age. they LOVED the imagination she has. And Spoke about how they feel that her teacher is going to be SUPER excited to Work with lil Soph.

Since Therapy started Sophie has been doing great. She uses Guhnt as GO! Counts on her hand 1,2,3 in sign, then points fast saying "guhnt" Makes a Swoosh sound when shes SHOOTING one of us with a toy gun. AND most recently Is making a slight "mwah" when she kisses. MWAH! Something so simple, that we all do. WE all make sound when kissing someone, cheek, lips, hands, anything. And yet Sophie never does (did) because obviously Hows she to know that theres more action to a kiss then just laying them pretty lips on us. ITS PROGRESS, We are asking nothing more then to see progress. Slow or not. Since her "VOICE discovery" shes been humming a great deal as well. Dancing with a stool turned upside down and humming to her moves. Proud of where shes at. How well she does.

Ryan, OH my RYAN! CRAZIEST little BOY ever. He is a punch of fun. A trip. A lightning bolt. A bouncing ball. A swweet and SOUR patch kid FOR SURE. FOR SURE. He will be sitting so nice on your lap, for 10 minutes then out of know where, howls like a wolf and GOES SPASTIC. then laughs, n goes running off. Counts to 10 for almost EVERYTHING in bunches. Now Points to every letter...but those letters are usually A, I, O, E, I, A, O E! OVER AND OVER ;) Says Choos for Shoes, and makes a sssssssss sound when he finds the snake flash card. FINALLLLLY Im proud to say he finally uses MOM. Comes to the kitchen gate n says "mom, mom" waiting for me to answer "mom sdkjhfs ererf dooch hoorch" Yea no idea about the end. hahaha. Best little boy.

Emily, has been taking the big sister roll much easier these days. Great help with Ryan, and has a Big sibling bed time now. Going to bed after Sophie has already fallen asleep. Because Lets Face it, it wasnt easy putting those girls to bed together. Not to mention Sophie is a brut, Picks on her big sister WAY TOO MUCH. She has the funniest sayings, Randomly dances weird when a song comes on...Ill catch her from the corner of my eye, and it makes me almost pee my pants. HA she thinks I dont see it ;) She too is doing excellent in signing. And We are trying to get her ready for September to make sure she knows everything she should have learned from pre-k.; Which I still kick myself for not putting her in it.

Matt is fantastic. Is Coropral. Just means he has more responsiblity, with his soldiers. He works so hard, for so little. And he can not wait till January to go to Missouri for AIT again.

So, thats our little update since its been a long while since I blogged.