Friday, October 28, 2011

...Says it all

I knew there was a reason Sophia Picked this costume out. When she had her option to be a tiger...Black cat...or This little Devil. Obviously she went right for that pitch fork. And Leave to this little cookie to show her silly devilish side once that pitch fork was in hand and those horns upon her head...She TORTURED her sister there after.
Who of course was a little beautiful Black cat. Yes true, its not really halloween tonight. But we had a company "party" for Trunk or treating. A haunted house and costume contest to attend.
We didnt go all out this year, but even in the Pooring Washington Rain we had a great time.
Shivering in the Washington Rain that IS FINALLY HERE! Collecting candy, going trunk to trunk, visiting and adoring the fun costumes Soldiers and their families had on.
To inside the battalion for the haunted house and costume viewing. Sophie was enjoying looking at all the things in the glass displays, more then the kids costumes. But did take a liking to a few scary masked patrons.
All in all it was a successful wet evening. Out and About On Monday for actual Trick or treating. Little Ryan doesnt have a costume this year, so hes tagging along for the fun of seeing all the spoooooooooooky things! THings our kids tend to love~

Happy Halloween weekend Bloggers. Enjoy it and keep safe~ Have a SPOOCTACULAR adventure

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Raindrops and Rainbows

Raindrop and Rainbows, is a safe place for Children ages 0-5 to attend for free. To play, to learn, to do activities and meet new people. So for the first time ever, we Joined in. We Listened to story time, created an edible art/snack project. Played Music and in sand. This little building on North Fort, gave my kids different things to play with and helped them use their imagination today! Nothing better then that. We came home, had lunch and all of us zonked out~ Wonderful Wednesday ~

Now I know where we will be spending our dampened Winter days when the kids are ready to get out of the house ;) I enjoyed watching them run and with kids with in their age groups. Not some where where it gets taken over by big kids~

Monday, October 24, 2011


Its not secret how much I adore this season. The Weather, the scenery, the smells, the holidays. The Fun you can still have out doors with out sweating to death or Freezing off a toe.

I have memories of playing in leaves. Being out side and playing with friends. Riding Bikes and enjoying being outside ALL the TIME!

So this afternoon, while Daddy slept from his 24hr shift. We took a small time out from being cooped up in the house.

Went outside, played in the colors of Fall, Got soaked from the left over dew and enjoyed the freshest of air~

Sophie Ge-Ge had a leaf, then Signing "excited/yay" until she then notices Ryan Running off, hence the odd face shes making, then pointed and gestured "lets go this way" ;) shes sooooo amazing

These colors were fantastic, I wish she would have looked at me and made a sweet face for one of these shots. But today, like most, shes not into staying still~

Im more then blessed to have been given These kids, this family. These chances. My World is that much brighter because of these blessings.
I love them with all my soul.

Our Family Monday was given meaning, by enjoying nature at its finest~