Thursday, May 26, 2011

Survival of the fit...est

MOVE over fog horn...Sophie GeGe can top that hertz anytime! Ha just ask our neighboring Hotel stayers!
Last night was a nightmare to say the least! I thought "phew" everyone in bed sleeping at 10pm, even Matt! YES! Didnt say it out loud...but not even 5mins after I thought that, DRAMA! And for No apparent reason except...Sophie Likes her routine, and HATES big changes. I have noticed with her getting older Changes come at her very different! More dramatic more annoying!Her tolerance level has definitely depleted. I dont blame her at all! I get wheres shes coming from, its even out of her own control! BUT LORD knows last night was torture! And how the members of my family slept thru it without a peep...Is beyond me. But then when ryan wakes up after 2am...Em and Matt both get woken by him??? YEP!! and hes not even nearly as loud~ SIGHS ~
So even on about 3 hrs of my own sleep I got up at 7, got everyone dressed and thought I'd be brave and take them to the diner connected to the hotel...get out there, and its closed from a gas leak...WHY!!!!!???? ALl I wanted was some Damn eggs and coffee! Sadly kids had to settle for some Cold left over pizza :/ They apparently didnt mind too much and had a couple slices. Meanwhile, its only 10am and i feel like the day should have been half way over by now! SHIT! LMFAO! this trip to WASHINGTON is going to be rough! Thank God for Planned stops.

I've learned to pretty much set my self up for Sophies MONSTER melt downs..I dont mean bring it on myself, but more Be prepared for one to happen. KNowing Change is in her view. Its all about grapping on the nearest "ohh shit" handle and just ride it out! Of course, its not your typical 2 year old tantrum. ANd Mother hen SNOBS, who judge me or how I handle my kids can kiss my giant pale ass because handling a 2yr old with a hearing disablity, is like trying to rear a wild Horse! Beautiful...talented...potential (greatness and disaster) and she needs dedication.
Looking from the outside in people have two different opinions on her usually. Either...she timidates people, they dont know how to act around her and therefore ignore her mostly. Or when I say she has monster melts,they think "what? my SOphie? no way shes too sweet and funny". Then they see one and it Dawns on them the difficulty, that is until I tell them the one they just witnessed was a mini one. GOD's honest truth is Sophie has NEVER had one of these Scary freak outs that last hrs in front of non family members. Im not complaining at all! My kids are wonderful and especially in front of friends and strangers. Especially Sophie, shes so friendly. And a show off who always tries to make people laugh!

And so its all a survival game...the which we survive on a some what Daily basis.

Next survival is my Hip hop abs, protein-ing, low carbing weightloss excited to show how its really done. HEALTHFULLY! to rid my fat,it literally needs to be melted off and the only REAL way to do that is to burn it off and sweat it out!

ON WARDS to this next phase, hoping these hotel nights get better!!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

La Push, At Twilight, Forks near a rainforest...means?

I would be lieing if I didnt say Im the biggest geek! And with that LOVE twilight Saga! So naturally moving to Washington state makes my fat little fingers MOVE at the speed of light researching key shot spots of the saga.

Seems to me tho, the little Town that could and once reportedly COULDNT!Has made good of the newly found fame the Twilight Books and movies gave them. Points of interest and dazzling signage all bout the life Stephenie Meyer and Not to mention the love triangle of Bella,Edward and Jacob,gave them.
But I must say too,these people must nothave watched the movie well! They feature items at restaurantes that are all about M.E.A.T!Please correct me if i am wrong, wasnt BELLA a Vegatarian!??? lmao!

AND um Edward didnt have a bed at first, and his room when he did was nice and light! Not dark and scary!

So im interested. I want to take that trek up, nearly the rest of the 101 highway, in which we are taking all the way from California coast! Onto the olympic Peninsula, a piece into the Hoh Rainforest, La Push beach! maybe even Port Angeles, if I can get my grumpy hubs to further North!

Yes its home to Vamps and wolves alike! But hey! Nothing like alittle drama to play up an ordinary day! Its also a great water fall place and fishing avenue!Which may just get Matt up there!

Well,Im excited! The Geek in me CAN NOT WAIT! Love hiking, Love beaches, Love history! Love exploring!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jump, Shake, Twist with Gypsy and WHOA a change!

My mind has been in a funk for days now! Really this whole month has been a blurr!
AS soon as we got word of when and where we are now being stationed life turned upside down!...As did my house! Packing was in full swing. Sold my dinning room table and made room in that extra space to set up all packed boxes...needless to say theres not to much walking room. Which is to my surprise. I truly am the complete opposite of a pack rat! If its not needed or hasnt been used in months, I do away with it! Some say its wasteful...but to me its refreshing, "out with the old, in with the new". Not to mention I cant stand CLUTTTTTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Being raised in a large family, all boys and pack rat parents Im proud to say, its their fault I throw things AWAY!!! lmao! ;)

Just get rid of it!, do you use it, when was it bought?does it work?...I tell people moving or organizing their homes...they dont always follow my advice, and then BAM! Hoardingmania happens all over again.

But see here I am among the rabble of boxes in my dinning room. OVERWHELMED! I know we are a family of 5 now! I know whatwe have is what we need,but itstill seems like sooo much! Especially the clothes and Toy department...geeeeesh spoiled kids, I have packed 3 santa bags of toys 2 toy boxes, and 3 cardboard boxes of toys...still having some left out so they arent bored...WTF??? lol...SPOILED KIDDIES WHOM I LOVE AND DESERVE IT ALL!

But again I say Im laughing...and Im overwhelmed, I was looking forward to another move. and Dare I say, this past year here in California has changed me EVEN MORE! Im ever mind, my soul, my personality (some im still quirky and insane) my thought process, my acceptance of myself and those around...ALLLLLL CHANGING!
Dare I say also, that I DONT EVER WANT TO DO A BIG MOVE AGAIN! Im ready to get to WASHINGTON, and plant those roots I'd been scared to let grow in the past! In fact, Im trying my darndest to convince Matt not to resign with Army and go out for something else he has always wanted, and I believe in him enough to accomplish! The police department! Then the only move we'd have to do is to the local PD he gets a job with!
This moving business is hard, While I used to love it! NOW! I think, FINALLY im over it. BIG moves anyway...small ones cross town. Not to bad! ;) this girl still needs to get her "change" on once and awhile!

PHEW!!!! that was hard to admit!...the Soul of my gypsy past life seems to be slipping behind...hypernating even. My constint mind changing will make her reappear im sure! But for now....My gypsy Soul for leaving bay! Rest in peace my dreamer!

Funny enough, this Cat we adopted...we named her Gypsy! 9 lives...and mystery in her eyes, roams quietly! Shes an amazing kitty!

Oooo...and so! As we continue on this next Decker adventure, I have stress and my mind is racing and my need to just get this is powerful! oi! it cant come fast enough...2 weeks baby 2 weeks from today we hit the road...and Lord knows, Im not looking back!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Down By The River - Music by HoneyHoney.

Heard this song on "Brothers and Sisters" Show On Sunday! Beautiful! Sticks in your head. Love her voice!

Just found it, Not so mucha hit yet but I love it!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Leaving Barstow

Theres this crap movie called leaving Barstow. So amist todays joyful news I found it quite the fitting title.
At 6am This morning matt scared me half to death mid dream. He looked mad at first, but what can I tell out of it and eyes only half open."its MAY 3rd" he yelled. "Ummyea..." I replied~ "yea well be at FORT LEWIS byJune 10th" pointing his finger at me flashing a big ole grin. By then my eyes were wide open! So many times he had tricked me, andthis time he was serious. But at 6am....GRRRRRR i couldnt fall back to sleep and went down stairs to have him pull up the system online so i can see for myself. And there it was.FINALLLLLLLLLY!
Bitter sweet as I will miss the few ladies I love here, and the comfort of the Sandy Basin pool on the hot days! But I will not miss
Toronado like winds, scorpions, poisonous snakes, Bitches who spread the gossip here and go out of their way to be mean. I will not miss this nasty Commissary or the long ass drives to civilization and Doctor appointments.
We will be able to start Sophies surgery and speech therapy. BE SOMEWHERE GREEEEEN! Somewhere that rains! (washington state obviously rains a ton). Will be close to a community school for me to take classes that mean something. Have snow! and Seasons! Near Beaches!
Although its not closer to NY, and although Ill be really far from home when deployments happen, we will be in a better location then we are now. No more scary sun spiders and giant black spiders to worry about!

Another fresh start for this Family.
Our moving time frame, will mean we lived in Cali, exactly a year. California is nothing spectacular, Im not even gonna bat an eye or look back when we cross state lines.But at least I can say we've been there, lived there, saw that, felt the pacific ocean. Saw Hollywood and San Diego zoo! Cant forget Cali! Its Ryans Birth state!
But we cant wait to take that final drive off! Kiss the Coyote and pass the painted rocks.
That trip down that lonely and dusty two way highway will be so wonderful...knowing we wont be headed back through those empty Mountains...
Good Bye Fort Irwin! Thanks for Showing us what we dont want in a Military Base!

Im sure ill have something to complain about in Washington! After All im Becci and Im woman and mom and wife, and complaining is what I do! but to know that being Army also means we get to move and see other places, curves my the same time, being in the program we are in for Sophie (efmp) means we can try and stay in one place longer then the average! If we like it that much. We are also being told now that EFMP gives usother advantages in the moving part. Fast turn out and faster new housing! So hopefully we will be leaving before May is over! Otherwise...June bloom for another Decker ADVENTURE!!!