Tuesday, December 28, 2010

ahhh my kids!

Im bored out of my mind here at 10:42pm, Wishing I could fall asleep but the quietness with out Matts snoring is a lil weird. Something sooo annoying like his snoring is truly missed when hes not around lol.

Just thinking about My kids tonight, n the wonderful, n sometimes extremely hard moments we go thru. Emily's attitude, n back talking, N Sophies Violence are a few that pop into my mind right now...If thats the case at 2 n 3. OOOO man we are in for it, at 12 n 13!! Which I truly find to be the worst thing...PRE-TEEEEEEN years lol. OOO how I remember them so clearly, I was the worst!! N just think, My Kids Are Half, me, Hald Matt...OOOO Lordy! But then mixed in with all that Sour, you have the sweetness too. The Funny parts. Emily n her grown up Phrases Like Using them to agree, disagree, or make you scratch your head on purpose. She says off the wall things like " I Heard that!!" After you tell her something, LIke Ex. " Hey Emily, I cant believe Sophies Going to be two in a week!!"...She Replies " I heard that!"...or another one is..."Ryan is Doing so good talking n standing huh?" N her response is.."Right?!"
REALLLLLY where in the world!!!??? This next one I know she gets from me, but its funny to hear her use "interesting" with one Eye Brow up when something Surprises her or makes her laugh! AHHHH me o My. My Children.
Then theres Sophie, with her Funny faces. Shes got expression DOWN PAT!! Her faces tell it all. Shes so theatrical in that sense too tho.Running around by herself Babble Signing to a wall then running to the other side falling to the floor to do a "donkey" like Kick into the air. then over n over again. Her Music Faces As she plays Guitar. The Way she interacts with Ryan, is precious. Melts me. Always kissing him, rubbing his head, n laughing when Ry Gets excited...WHO by the way has been getting the whole real Babbling going strong, He'll have dadda said out right in a matter of weeks, for sure! What amazes me too is the mere Smartness(word?) of Sophia. She has begun to use Signing on her own...with out prompting, tho not always on pt, but shes using it right, using it to tell me something. Like Tonight she was just sitting on floor playing with a few cars, looked up at me, signed "bath" 2 times, jumped up, ran to the stairs, n waited on Em n I to get over there. Meaning I want to take a bath now! I was SOOOO proud! SOO proud!

Simply My Kids are amazing! IM crazy in love with each n every one of them, n their crazy personalities, couldnt be more blessed. Wouldnt trade any moment, past, present or Future for a million dollars. Nor would I change anything about who they are, because they are PERFECT!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Joy to the World

The Lord is Born, Let Earth receive their King. Let every Heart prepare!!!

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing Glory to the New Born King!

Loving me some Christmas Carols. Tho Today we took Down all our Christmas Decorations, N Had to rearrange the House again! Because these Blessed Children of Ours Got more then they needed, or asked for!! Guess thats why its a blessing ( n thank you to everyone who helped Makes these Kids have a fantastic Christmas) So now the play room is back in the livingroom, n the Dinning Room Back in to The Kitchen!

Its been a crazy n fantastic Year, Matt n I were blessed with our Son, who was a surprise to say the least! But a wonderfully exciting Surprise. Hes amazing. Matt joined the Army, n left me Pregnant which made for an interesting few months. Our Big Move to California in the middle of the mojave Desert, has brought us a lil more closer as a family, which is always a good thing. We discovered the profound deafness of Sophia, n has been working up a plan of Action. We refused to Put Emily into this terrible school systems in hopes of MOVING AGAIN soon! Busy Year, Great Year. A trial on My Marriage, on Family life in general. I grow up even more, found my security has always been with in myself, Learned how to do things on my own. One thing in Common with Army wives, is we are basically Doing it Alone! Strength has been found on ALL levels.

Im excited to see what 2011 has for the Deckers, AN OTHER MOVE PERHAPS!!!??? I hope so. Success with Sophies Ears!!! I cant wait, EMily in School!!! YIPPPPPPEEEE, Ryan Talking n Walking!!!! My Certifications Finished so I can start Working!!!! Yep Yep!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

celebrating life, likes, differences and handi-capables

In the beginning as life is being created with in you. You pray to God to be blessed, for Healthy babies, n healthy pregnancy for yourself. You pray for guidance, the power to be a good parent and the strength to recongnize mistakes, and challenges.

We were Created in the likeness of Christ. Some of us choose to live by walking in his foot steps, some try, n some dont. To each our own. One thing we all seem to share is that God is real, Im different then some, because I KNOW hes the real deal, n were it not for him I would not be here, let alone blessed like My family And I have been.

Life is gumbled up in crazy times, we make mistakes, we learn from them. We fall down from high up, but stand again to climb. We run fast, n slow down for the memories. We Talk loud most of the time, then whisper when its needed, because not all our laundry is meant to be air dried :)We will always remember where we came from as a child, n do our best to be different.

And Different is what We Got. 3 amazing little kids, all 3 of whom have the crazy personalities of matt n I did it mom you told me I'd have little girls like me n I did, n I like it, no I love it. Life as a stay at home is anything but BORING with these little girls.

The Lord knew who I was, n what I wanted to be. The goal n the path I saw for our family. He has allowed me to grow more in the last year and half then I have my entire life. I made some changes, n some changes I regressed...only now to wake up and start over on that change because its not the person Im supposed to be, n thats not the best version of myself. So Im on a path to find it again. Lord knew that if he was to send my an amazing little girl with easr that are perfect in her own world, n less then perfect in the eyes of strangers that I WOULD BE THE BEST MOM i possibly could be for her, and for her siblings as well. Sophie deserves that. Sophie will forever be deaf, but its not a disability. Its not sad, its not heart breaking, its not something to pity...she doesnt know any different, so why should we make her FEEL different? We shouldnt.
Strangers who notice, strangers who stare or point it out, are naive to the wonder and the beauty of it, in Sophies case and cases of other people who have the JOY of being handi-capable. I never want my daughter to feel any less of a person because she cant hear on her own. I dont want her to feel like its a disadvantage, because there sure are times I wish I had the ability to turn my ears off!!
Its something to celebrate, its someting to like, its something different, and shes more then capable of being successful in life, in school, in career, in love, in family...because her "support system" her family, her friends, her surroundings, WILL NEVER look down on her, or allow others to belittle her. I wont let any of my beautiful amazing joyful children feel different.

True perfection is over rated anyway :)