Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tis the season for a thankful Reason: 26

on this 26th day for a thankful reason, Im thankful for our weekend dance parties. For dancing during the week as well when we are bored and cleaning. Its always funs and makes us feel better

Im thankful also this weekend has been a blast!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Tis The Season for a thankful Reason: 25

Im thankful on this black friday that im getting better and better each year at this cooking thing. Baking Mostly, which Ive been curious about and playing around with for about a year now. Its always fun and exciting to try out something new on our taste buds. Simple pleasures. Im thankful we have the ability to make these things and feed our family. Im thankful we have each other. Theres lots to be thankful for. And Im glad I took this month to look into things Im grateful for. Even if I dont finish thefull 30 days. :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tis the Season for a thankful Reason: 23

Havent been extrememly dilagent about writing my thankfulness out each day. Forgot yesterday...seems to be a pattern with me.
This week seems to have pretty long. I mean its Wednesday and Still feels like Friday is so far away.
On the positive Side, Matts last day of work and Thanksgiving is TOMORROW! Which Means tonight I start my food prep. I always like to start ahead so Im not speading the day only cooking! Not that I mind cooking, infact Ive taken to really enjoying cooking. Something about this time of year that makes me get into it a lot. Did the same thing last year as well. My passion as really started to mold, as Ive been finding and trying all kinds of recipes. Like I attempted homemade oven bread last night. Forgot one step but its still came out terrific and tasting but very filling.
Cooking big meals Always reminds me of holidays at my parents house. Parents waking up early to put a GIANT turkey in oven, or at Christmas I giant Roast. The same sides, as usual. But pretty much everything from scratch, fresh mashed and drippings gravy. Sometimes even Grams yummy buttermilk biscuits, which I still cant seem to make myself.
I think of My mom setting tables nicely and My family coming to eat. Mostly Christmas time was when we had the WHOLE family together, taking turns at whos house it would be at each year. Traditions that lasted a while. But as most of us cousins grew up, and families battled their separate issues, things began to change. No more yearly whole family apple picking or trips to the Beach. No more family road trips down south, and family dinners were a thing of the past.
Not that with my own family, we eat at the table every night together. We dont. I tend to feed the kids before Matts finished with Work. But on Holidays course we change it up a bit. Setting the table, having kids help. Listening to the football games and sipping Champagne and...Beer.
Being thankful for our time together, and thankful for the lives we have lost but will never Forget. Last thanksgiving was hard. As we lost a young man who was never really given the chance to blossom. A hard up hill battle he fought from with in himself. But we loved him, and cherished even the brief moments we had with him the last few years we had lived in orange County. Ricky Vidal, will always be Remembered, and always be in our hearts and Thanksgiving will never go by with out a shout out from our family to him, and his Wonderful parents and sisters.

Course, thinking of holidays like I said reverts my memories to greater Foody days. Times when my father still spoke to me, and my parents had happy faces. Many people feel that because my father worked too much, that his absense made John and I, grow spiteful. Which, any spite I have has nothing to do with him working too much. My memories I do have with him are fond. I can remember the times of Driving in his lap from the top of Canterbury Knolls to our driveway. him "letting" shift sometimes. Riding in his Jeep with the tops down and doors off...once it even started to storm. Listening to him watch the Yankees game every summer. Knowing he used to watch Basketball all winter and root for the knicks. How he dressed for the School Christmas plays. He being an usher in church. Making Sunday morning Breakfast with him. Him defending me to neighborhood kids, and He did that for John as well. Bike riding! Him playing racket ball with mom. Always the one to Cook our special birthday dinners, allowing us to have anything of our choice. My favorite was his Fliet Mignon with Fresh garlic butter and baked potatoes. He gave me the credit for his version of Buffulo Chicken, that he first made during one of the super bowls we watched together. Watching movies like The Karate Kid "wax on wax off" and the old one about a basketball kid...except I can not for the life of me remember the name of that movie. He always was singing the Cats in the craddle song, and had tic-tacs for us during Church every Sunday. I know his facial expressions, I know hes not serious with a laugh when its a closed mouth snicker with his eyes closed tight, shaking his head. But his real laugh his mouth is wide open, he throws his head back and will touch his stomach. I know when hes mad he talks fast, quiet and gets down to eye level, maybe by leaning on his elbows on a counter or table. I know when hes not really wanting to agree with you he folds his arms as he talks and looks to the right. Mostly when its a conversion where he feels he can not be wrong in. I know he makes pizza dough every friday night...(hey dad tip, make the dough the night before COver it but make sure theres a little hole so its ready friday before you even get home, will make the dough user to use and go farther and taste Awesome)He makes Chocolate Chip cookies that everyone loves, but Jessica took over that because She likes hers fluffy not flat and changed how the ingreds, go into the mix. he makes brownies with Semi sweet and bitter chocolate, Puts ONIONS in everything meaty (blah) likes his eggs runny and bacon fatty. Tea vs Coffee. He did have time to help me with my history homework, sometimes my math. Taught me how drive, and would set up cones for parallel parking. Hes got a bit of clepto ness and is a sure pack rat. Wears his Tshirts tucked in, and a leather jacket when he wants to look "dressy" Has had the same style forever and that includes his hair. Falls asleep everywhere and at just about every family function. Made us (john and i) do chores and outside work sometimes. Lets us have Dogs when he didnt. Cooked pizza and cookies for my movie nights with friends. Bought my Friend a Car to use, let her paint the Dinning room DEEP purple. Attended EVERY single baseball game of mine. Cheered me on in Basketball and under stood how much I hated Karate and that Weirdo mr koons. He gave me bad guy creeps. Thinks I never knew how much he really swore while I was growing up. It all Dad. Sounds like MY dad. Johns Dad...but sadly The twins have a different experience. The best thing I remember and what Im thankful for on this 23rd day for a thankful Reason, is knowing that I got the best years of dad. Knowing that reguardless to how some feel hes a better dad now, to the twins, then he was to me, I know that they are dead wrong. It was fatal mistakes me made later in my life that ruined any relationship we had. Its the lieing he keeps doing, its the cutting me from his life because of Bold statements I made. I know different then everyone else. Im not one to talk about emotions that often. Im not one to always like confrontation and hold back a lot. But Ive always been good at observing and reading people and body language.
So heres to Him, far away in NY. Maybe...things one day will change again.
Im thankful for the time I did have. Im thankful for what I learned with him, from him and about him.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Tis the Season for a Thankful Reason: 21

My kids really like to challenge me. lol. especially during the hours of regular sleep. Whats the point of me going to bed at 930...yes 930 because i was exhausted only to hear Ryan at 10 something, but he fell back to sleep and again hear him at 1130 and had to get up to console him. Which is the same time Sophie woke up from a sore ankle, and always refuses to take pain meds. Then Gypsy is going insane with her LOUD LOUD crying so I brought her in my room, where she rolled around and knocked the fan over and tortured Henry on the other side of the door, who seemed as if he was a giant dog by how he was trying to break through it. Makes me think of "theres something about mary" when Ben stiller is being introduced to Buffy...meanwhile, Buffys on Speed. HAHAHA thats how it sounded, the door was rattling hard, and Henry is no big cat. Sophie wakes up again at 230, which ultimately this time woke Emily. ANd it was all down hill from there. Every time after that, they were hanging out in livingroom, they were playing. NOT listening. ughhhhhhhhhhh building forts naked and hiding by the Christmas tree.
So needless to say Im not in the most wonderful Monday attitude. I had hoped to start off this holiday week on a much better foot. I had hoped to be getting ready for it as well, because Im excited its yet another short week for Matt, Love when hes home, and not to mention he always lets me sleep in, especially if he knows the night I had with the kids. Hm, It wasnt until this I realized what My thankfulness should be.
So on this 21st day for a thankful Reason, Im thankful for long weekends when I have my husband just to our family, and that he lets me have that extra hour or 2 before Im up and hanging with my crazy bunch.

Now if only Maintenance would get here soon to declog the sinks in my kitchen so I can do dishes and run the dish washer, then Id say My Monday is turning round, they have been clogged since early afternoon YESTERDAY! ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tis the Season for a thankful reason: 19

Today Im thankful on this 19th day for a thankful Reason, for my moments of peace and quiet. Though they may be short lived and followed by utter chaos. I get to breathe with out worry and clear my thoughts, and gain back some patience. All needed and wanted and encouraged as those of you who ever do get me on the phone, get to witness that sometimes....yea, you know. Its a wonder Im not stone gray yet!
So thankful peaceful moments. Thank you

Friday, November 18, 2011

Tis the season for a thankful reason: 18

long day! Started at 5:26am. Tried to get a few more minutes of sleep but then i was in fear Id wake up really late and run into Seattle Rush hour. Course the day was barely started it was still dark when we left,but my favorite part of morning driving is of course the PHONE tap on the radio. which was a good thing I heard it this morning after hearing an "On-star commercial" DARN YOU TEAR JERKING RADIO ON-STAR Commercials you were obstructing my view for a few minutes~

Today was the start. The start of a brand new journey. But Funny how I always thought the process would be a challenge for Sophie and Mostly just her. Boy was I wrong. Theres a whole new system I need to learn. And to put it simply, I have to try and make my self treat Sophie like a 1 year old again, verbably that is. Everything Im doing for Ryan, in every way Im saying it, I have to re-route myself to include Sophie as well. With Sign of course.
We spent the day at the Communication center of Childrens Hospital Seattle. Did a skills test to see what Sophie is capable of. her ability to imitate signs, her listening skills, her patience, her mouth movement. And How I interact with her and how I point things out and dont point them out. Which is my biggest problem. I talk low, and Got in the habit, of NOT always speaking when I sign...I know shame shame.
2 appointments down. one more main seattle one before we see Dr. Crawford again. Therapy starting for Sophie first week of December hopefully!
Lots happening, lots more work on our end, all for the benefit of Sophie, so its totally worth it.
So on this 18th day for a thankful reason. Im thankful for Sophies audiogram appointment today, for the ladies in the Communication center, Im thankful they all knew SIGN LANGUAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not just one of them...........ALL OF THEM!
Im thankful Sophie was so well behaved from the time we arrived at the hospital at 745am till we left at just about 1:45. She was fantastic, she played well, had a little moment of hoarding the waiting room crayons. But was in a general agree-able mood. LOVE LOVE LOVE My Sophie Ge-Ge.
Im thankful matt was able to get off of work to stay home with the other little Monkeys (ee,ee,ee)....dont mind the new therapy sounds I have to practice.
Homework, for us is to decide on a Deaf name for Sophie...this will be tricky. to have it approved by the Therapist in our next session! :)

Was a long, but fantastic Friday!

At childrens!

and received the oddest news on the Audio-gram. They did this fantastic way of testing Sophie while in the booth...And it turned out that she was paying better attention this way, which makes me wonder WHY it was never done this way before....
Sophie scored about 40 points LOWER (which is good) in decibals, while wearing her aids. The lowest shes ever scored before. Which then brought her in the shaded SPEECH area, the lowest point but still!!!!!!!!!! it was in the speech decibal range. at 500 hertz. COME ON REALLY!!!!!!!!!! thats awesome news. Go Sophie

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tis The Season for a Thankful Reason: 17

So oops I missed yesterdays thankful Reason. But it was a rough emotional day on my end, so Im not going to back track. Im just keep moving forward.

Theres one saying of mine that Ive always held to remain true.
"Music makes the World go round"
Everything about Music speaks to me. I dont know much about the ins and outs of sound. Precussions, sopranos, Altos, composer, notes,scales,pitch,consonance,ear training, composition,melody, harmony,rythm and acoustic speaking. Its all hard to follow, I can not read sheet music, but can hit a note of two when Im trying. Sported a few solos and duets in School, sing all day long with my kids or by myself, make up funny lyrics Which is prolly why I love this character "jess" ....."whos that girl" lalala. Love annoying people with song!

Grew up with a very vocal mother and can still remember lyrics like "Love in any language straight from the heart" "It was a morning like this, when mary went down from Jerusalem" "If I had all the riches this world has to give, and I gave it all away, every penny to my name, to some begger on lifes dark and lonely streets, all that kindness found in me could not Win eternity!" Bravely singing in front of crowds, where As for me, my left leg was like a jack hammer.
And not to mention thanks to my mom, We all have a strong eclectic taste in music. One day Im listening to Christian Rock, the next Country, the next Eminem and the Beastie Boys. From Natalie Cole, and Donna Summers to Britney Spears and Rihanna.
I can Sing Soprano but prefer the harmonic Alto side. Can write Lyrics but not notes. And Can see musical talent springing from my Children, Em sings all day too, Ryan pays attention to all music and has started to dance, and Sophie...Even being Deaf, with no knowledge of music sound yet, has a LOVE for it like none other, and may I add, has more rythm and dance moves then I, and Can dance Better to beats then Emily can! Not to say Emily cant of course!
Music fits every mood, music lift spirits, reminds us, keeps us, gives praise and honor. Comfort and joy. Can turn a drab day to fab, and a cleaning spree to fun! Makes long car rides worth the time and helps stir holiday cheer....Just ask Buddy the Elf ;)Sets a mood to a date and a tone to a movie. Draws us in in theaters, Keeps us captivated in Ballets,sparks memories and can lull us to sleep. So tell me, How doesnt music make the World go round?
Music Theory...Music therapy. its there for a reason. its taught for a reason, its art for a reason. Its loved for a reason.
So on this Beautiful cold 17th day for a thankful reason. Im thankful for Music. Im thankful for all music. Im thankful for it being a sliver of a passion for my family.

"music makes the people Come together yea!"~ Madonna

"the rythm is gonna get you, the Rythm is gonna get you, the Rythm is gonna get you, Tonight" ~Gloria Estefan

"So lets dance, the last dance, So lets Dance the last dance, lets dance this last dance, tonight"~ Donna Summer

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tis The Season for A Thankful Reason: 15

....On this 15th day for A thankful reason Im giving thanks for My Twin brothers. For even though we are 10 years apart. life would have been drasticly different. They are amazing young gentlemen, smart and funn! Crazy characters and great hearts. Its a priviledge to be their sister~

Monday, November 14, 2011

Tis the Season for a Thankful Reason: 14

2 weeks in and it sure is getting tough to think.

Its now even tougher. I started this oneline over 6 hours ago. It is now 8pm and I have had the PLEASURE of talking with my mother on the phone in regards to my Brother Zach and his well-being. Its a little tough to think of something to be thankful for when Im sick to my stomach.

So on this 14th day of a thankful Reason Im thankful to be grown and out of that house, far away

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tis the Season for A thankful Reason: 13


Today on this 13th day for a thankful Reason Im super thankful for....PINTEREST!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tis the Season for a thankful Reason: 12

The Time change has made my days seem extra long. Like now its 6pm and feels like after 9. Been checking craigslist all day, looking in the free area, for crafting stuff to re-do the things I saw on pinterest. Im super obsessed with the site right now.

Im feeling like theres been things Ive lost, and things Ive gained. Things that Ive let go of, and wished to have back. Things I work to keep and times where i feel Im the only one working on things.

Its really hard thinking of things to talk about in thankfulness isnt that sad. Ive said all the important things first I feel and now...whats left?
Im sure tons but at this moment I cant seem to think of it.

I will say this, and though it will sound harsh and petty and Un-christian like, I am going to say it Anyway. On this 12th day of thankful Reasons Im thankful my mother is no longer friends with that evil in a blonde wiggin choir preaching looney bin...Lets call her Elaine Stew for special purposes. Nothing good came of her relationship except it ending. Elaine went around telling stories about my mother and leaving all the bad parts that included exclude herself in the story. Left to sit on thats stool of wisdom and honor that she sees in her head. But really........shes nothing special. if only those who are close to her knew the vial things shes said about them, about their kids, and sisters,mothers and relationships and that includes those within her Marykay circle. If only they knew how she would laugh and tell jokes about it and sit at the table bashing moves these people did. Then Smile to their faces and say "oh I miss you" on facebook. How she would use people for food and drinks, make my mother drive drunk because Elaine was drunk too and didnt want to pay the price if it was her caught driving instead. How she would drive to a different state for a booty call for someone she was just meeting at that time. how she claims to be more of a 2nd mother to certain people then my family ever was.
How Rude she sat in front of me, my aunt and my kids one after while bringing her own lunch over to my moms to gossip and bitch about her sex-a-pade the night before, her meddling Husband and her now fake tits. Not speaking a hello to my Aunt or acknowledging my kids were even in the same room. Ate her lunch and left~ Leaving my Aunt and I to say "wow that was uncomfortable"
Can you tell How much this woman got under my skin? Can you tell that It was a toxic relationship, that sure my mom had part in. But PRAISE THE LORD, and finally that is over. And my mom and move on, and let go, and find real friends, who dont down grade every mutual friend she had with Elaine. Now my mom can make her own stories and go places and not be kicked out, or made to be put in a bad situation.
Im thankful for my mom, Im thankful that shes getting better and finally getting things she deserves. Things she needs and can use and is bettering herself. Im proud of her. And for whatever real reason her relationship with Elaine fell apart. it was for the best.
So Im thankful to have my mom back. Im thankful she can see what I always saw there. I tried Marykay, but as soon As I got to know that insane lady I RAN FOR THE FREAKIN HILLS SO FAST...that I never gave it a real chance. Lord knows I would not have been able to live in the Womans tangled web.
Im thankful, like it or not or what I had to say...Im thankful!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Tis the Season for a Thankful Reason: 11

Short and sweet right to the point. Im thankful today for the Men and Women who serve our country. To the Military benefits allowing our Childrens health to be taken care of. Military housing where we dont have to worry bout Rent and utilities.
Thankful for the Few friends with in this Hard Career path that I have made.

God Bless our Troops and our Country!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tis the Season for a Thankful Reason: 10

Who does this?
Says they are thankful for a difference.

Who does this?
Says that with out this difference our life wouldnt be as it is, in a good way.

Who does this?
Wants to not change the way God has made them.


For on this 10th day for a Thankful Reason I am Thankful for Sophie's difference. Her being deaf. I feel like ubber proud to be the mom of such a splendid little deaf girl. I feel as though our family has been given the chance to grow in more ways then most other families wouldnt know.
I feel as though all my children will have a better respect and appreciation for difference, and embrace those who are often pushed aside.
As we have been witness to the horrifying ways strangers and even friends treat difference,and have treated Sophia.
I am thankful to be a bi-lingual and bi-cultural family now! To use our hands and mostly our expressions to communicate.
Im thankful Sophia is Sophia,bright eyed and funny, and boisterous. A tall order of attitude stubborn-ness.
I know its not the usual thing to say "im thankful shes deaf" but she wouldnt be Sophie if she wasnt. Her looks wouldnt speak for themselves, her body language make you smile the same.
I would never want her to suffer the way she could, because of her difference. Which is why its our duty as parents to teach them to embrace it, to love it and show it with pride. TO not be scared of the World and stupid people in it. Ignorance for some May be bliss but then they miss out on so much more. Chances to get to know the Power of the Mind, and see that differences only make people that much more fun, strong and interesting.
Course Im greatful, thankful and would KILL for all my children. Emily's coarse sense of humor and budding ambition. Her Story telling and funny one liners. Her passion for Learning Sign, and using it even when she doesnt need to. her being so proud she did one on her own she yells "look mom look this means..."
Ryan coming into his own unique boy personality. Grunting and yelling "down..set...hut hut" tho he misses a few letter sounds while doing it! Walks around with his hands down his pants and diaper laughing and yanking on something I think would hurt...but no he smiles. lol. TYpical Decker Boy ;) Who signs "more" and Waves byebye facing himself.

My loves, my World, my entertainment. My need for strong coffee and an advil at the End of the day :)

Is it easy to tell whos who?

Thankful Thursday Friends...What are you thankful for Today?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tis the Season for A Thankful reason: 9

I know I complain about Tacoma~ I know I complain people here are rude and insensitive and loners, and such. And If I didnt miss my good friends so much I probably wouldnt complain so much because as much as it pains me to say this. The Style of Washington life is pretty awesome. They seem to have pride in their state, everyone likes being out doors. The Colors are fabulous this year right now, From what I understand because of the extra Sugar the trees held onto during the warm September we had. The Colors truly are in-freakin-sane.
The Fact I wake up to it being gloomy and cool, and rainy is terrific in my opinion. I love it!
Because Im short, most every pant bell gets soaked when i walk and I come home with wet socks. The baby flutters his eyes and holds his breathe, after all he is a california Baby ;) The Girls want their hoods on or to hold an Umbrella. Which makes it all the more fun.

Now if people knew how to return calls, and if people were nice this dark wet place would be paradise. But regardless its beautiful and its something and someplace Ive been wanting to see. And now I have been given my chance to reach almost the corner of the United states. How many people get to say,they have lived in every place they ever wanted so far? not too many. Ive been Blessed for the journeys we have been allowed to take, and to survive them all, even when the financial train had a few hiccups along the way. We learn to manage and adapt.

So on this dark 9th day of Thankfulness Im thankful for Washington vegitation. For the Rain we now get to touch and see and smell. The Greenery it gives life to and the chance to wake up and see the Master piece God Has allowed us to dwell with in~ For now that is....Us Gypsies will be on the move again...sooner rather then later most likely~ :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tis the Season for A Thankful Reason: 8

It Wasnt picture perfect

and it didnt have to be.

It Wasnt always easy, but what ever really is.
It was a story I told to the few who've asked.
It Was meaningful in its own little way.

It is what I asked for, and what I hold dear to me.
It is what i want, and need and desire and hope to keep.
It is My marriage.

It is Love! It is our connection.
It is the beauty of knowing we have each other through the thick and the thin.

Its being able to be myself, and to act as I please.
Its about not trying to impress but impressing them always with out trying.
Its accepting each other, quirks and all. Flaws and down falls.
Its being there through success and hardships.
Its my Marriage

Its Being thankful for the life we choose!
Its Being thankful for the Chance to love your best friend.
Its about sticking through the sometimes painful moments for the good ones.
Its about not being able to see your future with out that someone there.
Its my Marriage.

On this 8th day of Thankful Reasons. Im thankful for all the Hard work my husband does. Im thankful for my relationship with him. Im thankful for everything that has tried us, and lifted us. Im thankful for 2nd chances. Im thankful for him as the Father of my beautiful kids. Im thankful for his Love.
Thank You Matt. I love you ~knup~

Monday, November 7, 2011

Tis the Season for a Thankful Reason: 7

I have been privilegded to live in a techno High Society. Were it not for Internet connection, Id be more lonely then ever, if it werent for Cell phones I'd be lost for sure. My Kids know it better then I, and Have grown acostume to the vice of Techno convenience. How Engrossed we are by the ability to DVR live TV as not to miss anything, or in my kids case, beable to watch the same thing OVER AND OVER AND OVER with just a click of a button. How we can watch News Clips from Japan, or Video Chat with a family member fighting in Iraq. We can Play and talk to friends via Video Game Consoles, and order movies from the same. Hearing Devices like Hearing Aids, can be connected straight to a T.V or connect with Blue Tooth. Mechanical Hearts have started saving lives till a real heart can be transplanted...Bionic Body parts for those who have lost a limb. Electric Cars and Solar paneling.
We spend more time soaking in all the Stuff that bounces off our technology then natural fresh air.
While I adore my internet, and its accessability I can remember a mere 5 years ago of a time I was not so wrapped up in it. I didnt have connection in my house and had to go to public Library if I wanted to chat. I remember a Time where all I used was becciboo12@hotmail, or short_n_sweet2122000@yahoo and AOL instant messenger. Had a few spotting video chats and exchanged Emails not Status' or Private Facebook messages.
Ive also seen the gross side of the internet that makes me loath it. That Makes it harder for people with a problem to not get mixed into it.
So I tend to have a love hate relationship with all things modern.
Love internet hate what it can lead to, love cells, hate talking on phone.
Mind you Im probably the only person I know in my circle of Friends who doesnt have a "cool" phone. Its simple, not easy to access the Web, no wifi, no music, no 3G, 4G or smartness at all! and thats just the way I like things.
Sometimes I really feel like my mind was born for a different Decade, I would have been more suited to a much simplier time ;)

Technology has come a great distance for sure. Theres been times I am thankful for it. So on this 7th day of a thankful reason, Im thankful for Modern conveniences, Technology and its ever growing take over.

Before I close out my BLog for today. I have make mention of todays Anniversary.
My Friend passed away in 2006 on this day. From his very own Vices. Not many people understood him or Why we connected, or whatever you want to call it, but We were friends. And I still think about the potential he had, and where we would have been today.
Then in 2007 My Cousin Paige Passed away after battling Cancer. She was 11 years old. I kick myself to not taking the opportunity to Get to know her better when I had a chance to do so a year before she got sick. But I will always love her, miss her and think of her often.
God Speed and Rest in Peace my friend and Family.
You are missed and Loved by many~

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tis the Season for a Thankful Reason: 6

Ive never really been that big on Socializing. Had always kept a few only a few friends growing up, kept few close, and tried my best just to be nice to everyone tho, that didnt always pan out.
Thinking Back to Kindergarten where I met Betsy V. and Stacy Z. Who I remained close with till Junior high. In First Grade meeting Jenny B and Becca B. Jenny Who I still remain close with to this day. Who will forever be my family and my Oldest and dearest friend....ha, Jenny remember the Lemon in my moms eye, thanks to John~ lol ~ Or splitting the booths at Friendly's, closing the place down which Im sure after we left and the ladies were cleaning up the place felt spooky and quiet ;)
In 5th Grade is when I met Jeanna. That Year was the start of our yearly anniversary. The Day after Christmas. We became Super close pretty quick. And From there, we would remain friends so a very long time. Have memories like the "beating heart" in McDonalds Bathroom, and chugging Cranberry Juice when your mom showed up randomly at my house, while we were drinking (shhhhh)
To later finding few friends here and there, some who have moved on, some who have passed, that I think of almost every day. R.I.P
To Meeting my Lovely Dawny. Remembering her little face peaking thru her door the day we were moving into Country Squire Apts. Max barking at us and her holding him back. We became besties before we knew it! I ran to her house the morning my water broke with Emily, to have her check the toilet water to make sure I wasnt she never thought i was crazy for the odd things we did. I will always love her. Showing up to my wedding knowing my parents were not going to show up :/
To reuniting with Jackie, years later right before She got preggers with Chris Jr. Realizing how oddly close our kids ages are, where we FIRST tied the knot at the court house. To she always being there for me, mentally espcially, never Judging and with an Honest opinion. being my pregnancy buddy ;) Understand what its like to have kids all so close in age, while youre a stay at home mom, and a mom to special children. My Admiration for her daughter Khloe, from that moment I held her.....I was in awe.
To my odd introduction to Irene..." I see that youre pregnant do you want to buy my baby furniture?" awesome times at the Irwin Pool, and playdates where our Kiddos became close...even boyfriend, girlfriend like ;) Oddly enough Ems all time Fav movie is Mamma Mia, hence her love for her affectionate Greek blonde boyfriend. Irene you as well Made my last months at Irwin tolerable.
Ashley White, what can I say about you boo? You were welcoming and fun and sweet and actually gave me a chance at irwin. We always had fun, and laughed and We adore Steven. Im sad things ended how they did, but super thankful you accepted me back and that we remain friends. I Love you girl!
To My Girl Monika...With out you Mons, My end at Irwin would have been dull and sad and boring and Youre an awesome chick. Im thankful to have you in my corner girl!

In no order here, You ladies all truly mean something to me. I may not keep many close, but Im blessed to have you all in my life.
So on m 6th day for a Thankful reason, I am thankful for my true Friends.
Ive reconnected with a few more I havent mentioned, but it doesnt make you less important, just pregnancy brain still gets the best of me a year later. I Cherish all my true friends, and no matter how far our physical distance is...I always will~

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tis the Season for a Thankful Reason: 5

Can you believe im not even sure what to say tonight?
We spent the day walking around Pike Place Market in Seattle, not to buy stuff, but just to get out, out of Tacoma, out to sea Air, see something new. Experience a piece of Seattle. And Boy was it busy. The Drive wasnt too bad which is good because starting soon Ill be making that Trip Soooooo often. I dressed the kids Warm, In fact too warm, Sophie had on leggings under her pants. But today oddly enough wasnt that cool. It was a perfect temp out there on the Seattle port. We watched the ferries cross the Sound a few times, Got some balloon animals for the kids and just soaked up the air, although international cuisine was wafting through the Market. Saw a man hoola hooping with Singing, playing guitar and playing a hermonica that was wrapped around his neck, a future Gold robot that was standing infront of market. Even a Man painted Silver like a statue, and in fact the Birds used him as one~

It was a low key pretty nice day. Course heard a few complaints, like Im hungry, I need to pee, and Ugh I hate crowds, but over all Taking my not a fan of loads of people family out into an extremely busy part of the City wasnt too bad. They so take after their father in that aspect ;) tehehe.

So today on my 5th day of a Thankful reason
Im Giving thanks to memories. Memories like these. Moments that are simple but ever lasting. Times that even may include brief stressful moments and loads of people, that when My Kids are grown and off doing their own things I can look back and remember...or in this blog which eventually I will print all out.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Tis the Season for a Thankful Reason: 4

you know what I remember about my childhood...Giving my brother John a hard time. He always wanted to be in my room, sleep in my bed, play games with me, Play mario Brothers, me to sing him to sleep, play with my friends, on and on and on.... ;)
We called him Cupcake head, and Johnnyboy, "the butler" which made him cry "I dont wanna be the butt" Insergant and ooo yea Go to Sleep John "come to my bosom" lmfao
used him for getting what we want, as we said he was the "favorite child" and if Jeanna and I wanted to go out for Icecream, we were told no, but if Had John ask if we can was always YES. Go figure ;)
Needless to say, i wasnt very nice. Gave him a hard time, as did other kids in the neighborhood. He was always so....hmm let me think....quirky JUST LIKE ME~ we had times where we would laugh at night from making up songs, flipping off the top bunk and on to the bottom, making BUBBLE tents out of our sheets to sleep in. Rode Bikes together and jumped on the trampoline, Even had sleep overs together at the Binnies. Remembering now He and Brit had an obsession with Count Dracula from Sesame Street and Sleeping beauty....YEAH JOHN I SAID! I out'ed ya ;) I remember some phrase about a Shoe...Figure-o-a????
Johns Awesome rendition of Will Smiths Opening Dance on His sitcom...but ugh Why cant I think of the name. Cuz lets face it, No one has a better head bob then John. Which then takes me back to his quirkiness. Did you know THat John once told me i couldnt wear my hair a certain way in a pony tail because it drove him insane how the hair moved in the pony/bun like thing. Bouncing all around uncontrollable! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. He said he couldnt stand sitting behind girls in class when their hair was up like it! OHHHHH my Johnny boy ;)
How bout Johns Goth era! Black Hair and Eyebrows...Really John? ReALLY!?
Or how your belts have to match your shoes...
Now Readers, you may think this is all about The odd behavor of my Brother. Or that Im trying to knock him. But Im not. Truth is, we werent really that close growing up! I was a meanie head.
And truth his That it wasnt until after his high school graduation that we started to get to where we are today. A place I might add that Im super thankful for. Hes amazing. and Funny, and whitty, and charming and did i say Amazing. I love him so much. I feel he doesnt get enough credit from others, nor does he give himself enough credit or anything too. But that will come with time I believe. Hes amazing! Hes strong, and able and has a huge heart. Always trying to spare feelings instead of saying what is on his mind.
Life Changed for him at 11. August 24th to be exact. Thats when he got the call to go down to the hospital. I remember that exactly. Where I was lounging. (on that odd red sofa in the kitchen) holding my sweet 16 birthday gift, a ring, from my parents. My dad had answered the phone.
It was my birthday, and they were packing up my little brother for a trip down to the Childrens hospital in NYC. I was terrified. Jeanna came and stayed with the twins and I while they left. Even drove my parents car to go pick up pizza hut. AHHH memories of that day. we are. 12 years later from that date. Johns here, Johns healthy, hes a survivor. Hes my inspiration, and a reminder!

I was a shitty sister during that time. Only went to the Hospital once. And that was much later, years later. If I could go back in time. I would have and should have been there with him more. Maybe our relationship would had blossomed sooner if I had. What if...He didnt survive? I couldnt even image. But HE was awesome through the whole ordeal. I remember once Coming home Drunk out of my mind, Threw up in the kitchen sink, in the dark ALL OVER dirty dishes, and my mom walked in, pissed at me because I was past curfew, and I was pretending to wash the dark no less. I remember channel surfing that TV with my eyes closed talking...Lord knows what I was saying. Went to my room, threw up all over my bed, and there in the door way was John...a Bucket and a huge bottle of water for me. ~~~LOVE~~~ Now thats something I didnt deserve, and yet he was there, cleaning me up, protecting me...and I had never really done that for him. My Amazing Brother.

Later, as we grew up, he became an uncle. And Still to this day in my kids, I see glimpses of him....ODD tho right. Ryan for example, Blonde, blue eyes...very round head ;) Emily in a few pictures too when she was a baby I remember Mom a few times say..."wow she just looked like John"

John and Emily, Thinking it was when she was about 8 or 9 months old. Maybe a little older.

So after all that crazy talk, all the odd things I said, all the stories. Know that I have such admiration for John, my Brave and terrific Brother.
I couldnt image life with out him now, not having our 1 to 2 hr long conversations on the phone...listening to him say "WIN-SSS-DAY".
On this 4th Day. November 4th, Johns Birthday and my 4th day of A Thankful Reason. Im thankful for my Brother, for his surival, for his bravery, for him being him and for the chance to have the relationship I never gave a chance for growing up. Hes so super special to me, and Im blessed because Hes a huge part of my life. We may be 2800 miles away but hes in my life for good. LIKE IT OR NOT JOHN~ ;)

HAPPPPPPPY Birthday John. I hope your wish comes true. Enjoy every moment of your day, and smile~ Ill be thinking of you all day!!!!

hahaha had to throw the last one in!
Embarrassment is what good sisters do....Remember your graduation...the silence and then "yea John" bahahahahahahahahaha Thats what Im here for.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tis the Season for a Thankful Reason: 3

Was looking at Tacoma Forecast for the weekend and into next week. And All I can say is BRRRRR. Average temp being high 40's, mixed with Rain~ The Rain I love~ But being super cold is not a joy of mine, unless I can be wrapped in a very warm blanket, hence my room being iced every night ;)
Speaking of Night , I didnt really get much sleep last night. Between stomach issues, weird dreams and being yelled for every few hours it wasnt an easy feat. Thankfully this morning hasnt been full of arguing and nerve rattling...for now I still have to take everyone with me to the Laundry mat lmao.
But you know, I look at Ryan in his Black and white track suit looking outfit today...I look at Em Reading through her Magazine from Aunt Pam, telling me all about the flute she sees. Sophie running around laughing at herself, wanting everyone to chase her down, and I smile, Because whats better then being here with my crazy bunch. I complain a ton, Im whiney and annoying and barely satisfied. But Its all over silly things really. We have a roof over our heads, health and happiness. We are together and we Are family. We are struggling somedays, but rich in the fact that we have each other.
Theres no such thing as a perfect family, but for this family I have been given I am truly thankful. We've Been through so much. More then We even needed to, but we have survived. We've been tested together, and separately. And Count on each other to help each other through. My Husband and my kids ground me.
So on this 3rd day of thankful Reasons, Im more then thankful for this Family. My husband and my kids. Who complete who I am. Who make my world go round, who give me things to look forward to. That care about me and I to them.
My family.
My family.
My family.
They are my home. My blessings, my chance to get family "right". Im proud of my family. I cherish our moments. we are blessed to have each other.
My family.
My family.
My family.
I love you.
Thank you Lord for my Family.