Monday, April 30, 2012

OOO Therapy

oo, Ah, Sh, S, MM, EE..... Ling Sounds.

Ok so its the first time ive ever heard the term "ling Sounds" and it sounds ODD. But I assume its the Sounds we introduce that LINGER?

Audition. Not exactly sure of this Use but as described by my "homework" for the next 2weeks. Its For Showing Sophie Awareness of sound. got it! ;)

The Banging Game.

IM supposed to have the kids turn their backs to me, and When I bang on something They Should Turn around. Eventually working Sophie up to do it solo and When she Turns after hearing the sound GIVE BIG praises for her great work at listening. For now getting All kids involved will make Sophie WANT to play.

Door knocking Game. Practice the Sound of a Door knock...Is exactly what it sounds like "knock knock" "whos there" "umm Big bird?"

Walk and Listen. Indoors and Outside (on a nice day) Have Sophie point to something and We listen for sound and then she listens to me tell her what it is.

Working up to NAMES

Give or take 3 months Sophie should respond to her own beautiful name being said. Leading into Emily, Ryan, mom and dad, when Spoken, she should be able to point us out. Later, Speaking, will come later. As I told Rebecca (Sophies Aural Therapist) Im not rushing her with any of this. Im not pushing. She will get it on her own time. Just as she has done with potty training, something we were not pushing her to do, shes been wanting it all on her own.

Today went Great with Sophie. She listened. She heard, she responded and Followed the Prompts. Ryan distracted her a tad, as The SIBLING room only allows 3+ and Potty trained. Which I find odd Mostly young young siblings are with their Brother or Sister who needs services. Today I spoke to Emily about Being brave. Shes never stayed in a class room like setting ALONE, with out a sibling or parent. I wanted her there because I knew she'd give problems about what Toys she wanted to play in therapy like last time. AND SHE DID IT. Like I knew she would. She stayed in the room with other kids, Sat and Played and colored and watch a movie. It was only an HR but she did awesome Im so very proud of her. We keep talking about Bravery and How She will be going to kindergarten every day next year. Which If all goes Well After Sophies Therapy on the 14th Registeration for Emilys school opens up. I want to be there asap So that I can get her in a morning Class. That Way her and Sophie are on the same hrs, as Sophies Deaf Pre-school only does Morning hours. Tomorrow is the CYSS meeting and then the 10th Emily goes to the dentist, and then Sophies School evaluation on the 17th. BUSY BUSY next few weeks. Which Im super excited about.

All in All April was kind. it was Fun, we went out with a BANG. And We welcome a wonderful May tomorrow. :)

Heres A few pictures of Sophies First Day with Rebecca, of Seattle Childrens Auditory Center.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Do Solemnly Swear

Welcome Another 4 years of Army Strong Living! Matthew R Decker Re-enlistment To 31 Bravo, Military Police, Was Official on this Day April 19 2012 At Roughly 11:30am. Sworn in By Captian Chang and witness by Myself, The kids And A few Soldier Comrades. On the Steps of the Capital Building Dome In Olympia Washington.

Im extremely Proud Of my husband, His commitment and his Duty.
It was a back n forth about What to do as far as Re-signing or civilian Life. But in the End the Army Seemed like the best choice. We hope to be stationed somewhere new Come Next Spring. Matt Will be getting his orders to attend MP school At Fort Leonard Wood Missouri AGAIN! In the Winter no less, come September. Then January is when he would ship out for Training.

One of the best part about Military Life Is the moving around and getting the chance to see Life in different parts, I Pray the Lord has it in his plans to be put back on the East Coast this time around. Nevertheless, Im proud to Say My Husband is serving is country and Providing for His family. Hes been working very hard and Has been recognized By his Chain of command as being a great and important asset to their Motor pool. As he has been working on his leadership skills, and In his classes, as he continues to get certified in everything he can.

We've been one of the Lucky few to have not been a part of a deployment, dispite Matts desire to Do so. Having Spent a year at NTC and Then coming here to A Unit that was not set for deploying. However, It is possible that the next step After AIT is To be sent over seas, in that Case We will Continue to be As Strong possible, As I will continue To Support Matthew And His career.

Congratulations Matty on a Job well Done! I love you So much, and You mean the WORLD to me and to our kids. We Appreciate all you do!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

...And shes now 5

Enjoyed a Few good days on her Perfectly Purple huffy Bike From Grandma Kelley. Then Picked out a Blue polka dotted Dress to sport for her 5th Birthday! Man~! My little lady is growing up fast.

We Spent the Afternoon, At Point Defiance Waterfront In Tacoma. At Anthony's restaurant! Right next to the Zoo, n the Largest Ferry I've seen in a long time. The Kids LOVED seeing the big Boat. But most of all, kids after my own heart, LOVED THE WATER~ Emily said "ugh mom whats the smell"....Well Em thats Salty fishy water! ;)
We Met Aunt Penny and Uncle Paul at Anthony's during their LONG layover here in Seattle, before the headed off to Alaska to greet Shaun Off the BUS ~ WELCOME HOME COUSIN ~

After A wonderful Lunch! Mind You Anthonys was a perfect Seafood Choice. Great, Clean, different, and the Views Even on this RAINY day was amazing. Great Views of the Islands of Puget Sound, n Then Mt Rainier to the Right!
Then They followed us to Post and spent a good time playing with the kids, building log cabins, "cooking" food, and Having a BLock Fight. Emily finally wasnt Shy n was calling Aunt Penny A cookoo bird. After they left, Em kept saying how much fun she had, n when she went to bed, and we said I love yous, she included the fact "mom I love Aunt Penny and Uncle Paul too" Toooooo cute. They brought awesome learning coloring n sticker books for the kids n they spent the evening putting them together.

We got to talk to Aunt Dawny n Lexi who called to Wish Em a happy birthday. Got a Call from Poppi! And Lovely messages on Facebook. So thank you to everyone.
We Made Pizza after that. Snacked on Chocolate Cupcakes, n then Ended with Some vanilla Cake n Hugs. Fun day. And A big Thanks TO Penny and Paul.
I can not BELIEVE 5 years have passed. She is so big, and Smart, and says the DARN'Dest things. Can not believe how Funny she is. As she always has been really. Remembering one of her first words was "odd" n then went to calling People "PIG BUG"
Soon to start Kindergarten n then UGH Ill be a bag of tears!

Happy Birthday my beautiful Emily

oh n Course Sophie who hates pizza, Picked Out having Broccoli for her Dinner n Ate it ALL!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

From babes

PLEASE EXCUSE SOPHIES MORNING BED HEAD. As per our routine, Breakfast time means Processor time. On while watching some tunes, and eating a lil something. Never lasts too long, but the point for now is to get her nerves exposed to sound as often as possible. I have been on the Phone again this week with Docs, trying to get our referral for closer Therapy into the system. So Aural Therapy has not begun yet. An update for Sophies success is that she still hates it. Fights me, cries, hides to take it off, hides it under things. We've had success with her wearing them out in public so much hasnt changed. Im sure once therapy begins her perception will change. Maybe even as she sees the wonderful skins (aka stickers) Her Great Aunt Pam got for her will make her seem more interested in them. They arrived yesterday and as per Pams request We let sophie open the envelope they came in. She pulled them out and looked confused...and then excited. Thinking they were just cool big stickers. lol. Im sure. She peeled them off and I put them on the processor which seemed to take forever. But they look darn cute. Baby steps in the hearing world. baby steps.

Last night tho I could not shut my mind down for bed. It took me way long even after some allergy meds (which usually knocks me out)before I fell asleep. Not to mention Sophie getting up a few times. I swear if Im thinking about her, In the same moment I will hear her yell or cry because she woke up with something out of place. Im not kidding.
But the Reason I was thinking about Sophie last night, had a lot to do with something I experienced via facebook that day. Which caused me to think about Different kinds of Sign language, and how we do not really consider ourselves to use a specific type yet. Meaning, Often we use ASL, but we also include helping words and in Exact English Form, where we sign the same word we are speaking. In ASL, of course Word placement As Ive blogged before is different, much like when you learn Spanish.
Deaf community as Ive been told refers to that as pigeon signing.
Yet, in true form of being a child, untainted by meanings, and propaganda Sophie has oddly enough Shown me something incredible.
Sophie uses real ASL~ She puts the on before the shoe. the Shopping before the go. Dad before Where. Not every sign is perfect, not every sign right, but oh my goodness. How funny, that For me...Im stuck in my wanting to use the,this,is,it because I sign and talk at the same time. But because Sophie only signs, she doesnt add in the,is, or it. She understands her Language as the community sees it, with out ever knowing anyone from that world. How coooooool. Last night I thought about the sentences she uses, the format she does it in, and the results I give her.
All these little tells, moves me into more and more believing that Sophie is comfortable in who she is. And its OUR JOB to make sure that continues. Her not wanting to wear her hearing device has prompted her to WANT TO SIGN MORE! N Communicate well. Even Ryan is picking up other signs now and using them.

Communication! Communication is KEY! But what if you were missing a sense that allows for you to communicate with everyone? After all it is said that our sense of hearing allows us to gather, process, and interpret.We use sound to acknowledge what is around us. Sound triggers memories, waves in sensations. Can keep us safe by warning us whats coming or whats near.Right? All important. All needed. But not essential. I feel. Sure i'd miss the heck out of my hearing should I loose it. But If I put myself in Sophies personal situation, I can see why the immediate change in what she hears can be off putting.
For argument sake I understand why doctors in the ENT field will push said Cochlear Implants, and other hearing devices on Families with Very young children. I understand the mind is a sponge the younger we are. And that Sound helps our Brain to function in multiple ways. Learning to listen sparks brain cells, memory, and expands the brain capacity. The more information you obtain the more you hold right?
I read something recently that Its not all about SOUND for children who are deaf. Sound is not going to make their brain Bigger, them smarter or their Capacity to retain information greater. its COMMUNICATION that is going to do that. Learning How to relate things, understand things, LANGUAGE~ I've heard every spew about how extremely important language is for Sophie. Language to communicate, to gain knowledge, to grow, to understand, to progress. All referring to the spoken language. BUT I BEG to differ. As my life continues to see Sophies progress right before my eyes. Through Sign language, shes expanding her knowledge, shes learning, shes retaining information, shes bright, and funny. I didnt teach her that Egg is to bird. Yet When I signed egg the other night she signed Bird. I didnt teach her Fish is to water, but with Sign language and relation, and absorption, and using her other senses...She knows that, and can tell me that.
In the animal World. Many mammals are born without the sense of hearing. In fact its the VERY LAST sense to develop. Meanwhile, the tiny furry newborns thrive, grow, learn and take in tons of knowledge before week 3 when the sense of sound starts to open up. Animals Again later in life can loose their hearing, We take pity on them...but really they are just fine. A horse with less or no hearing goes about his Horse life perfectly happy. adapting. Progressing, Successful, less timid. Still graceful, galloping, trotting and prancing along. Still enjoys the wind in his hair as he runs and plays. Still loves. Still understands. Thats my Sophie!

IF Only we werent so obstructed by the hearing world.

If only I too had gone with my gut. And my gut the night before and the morning of the surgery. Sophie wouldnt have this giant lump on her. She would touch the side of her ear and sign "I dont know". She wouldnt hate the processor. If we had waited a few more years...Letting her make that decision.
AS of right now, in her 3 year old mind, her deafness is freedom, her hearing device is punishment. If she didnt feel that way, she wouldnt run covering her ear at the site of me picking it up to turn the battery on.

Other people have their opinions of it. her reactions, her fits about it. Have hopes for her liking it, using it, needing it. All I want is her to decide whats right. Shes happy as is, we are happy when shes happy. Love her for her. N all in all, thats what we hold onto. We are not holding onto hope that shes gonna use it, we are holding on to her! Following her. Obviously she knows whats right for her already, hence her crafty ASLING skills. ;)

FROM THE MOUTH OF BABES right? In her Case From the Hands! Children, deaf, hearing, blind, anything amaze me in what they know...its US adults who loose the sense of MIND as we age. Maybe, we should listen to a child more often!