Saturday, March 23, 2013

Let us Laugh


Laugh like nothing else but laughter matters.

In this Crude and cruel World, We need to be able to just laugh...

We live but a short life, So to live bound and not free, stubborn and filtered...

Would be Tragic.

In A breath we wait for something to happen

We Mull over the moment and Forget for an instant that in fact we are but walking a frail line.

That line between what we perceive as reality and what it could be if we let go.

Who's life are we supposed to be living anyway, and in that case, isn't happiness key?

The key to success and solidarity.

What is it that we fear from laughter?

Is Laughter the catapult to all things coming unbound?

To our being lost in the mix of complex notions of life's perceptions?

Or Simply, Humility!?

Yet, it is so, that when true laughter expels from our guts, We feel a sense of relief. No?

So, Why do we hold back?



Laugh hard


Mean it

Take it for what it is, and what it does, and how it expresses and heals and completes us.

Oh to Laugh, whole heartily. Without restraint, without care, without caution.

Freely and Openly. Amidst the Chaos that may be of that day, just laugh, and feel as the weight dissipates, the chains fall to the floor and you lift off feeling free and Calm and steady.

Oh to Laugh. Let us laugh and laugh, and laugh and


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Profanity Rules

Let out A big scream





Break something

Smash it into a Million pieces

Slam a few doors.

Stomp around like a 5 year old

Use profanity


Who ever said those need to be discarded words anyway?

Laugh at yourself

take yourself less serious

Be stupid now and again and again

Loose yourself in a good Sexy book, please

Run through the park like an Asshole (profanity)

Yell out random names in public to see who looks around

Walk the Curbs instead of Side walks on the way to important meetings

Never be afraid of just being YOURSELF. For once, peel back those stone cold layers and expose the inner you, that a select few having seen but never shared. AND OWN YOURSELF FOR IT.

Pull your head out of society's ass and just be FREE.

For nothing is a sure thing, and you have to depend on yourself, in order to lean on others.

Find faith, and hold to it true

Seek GOD and in that find your sanity

Release your pressure and feel as the smile naturally never leaves your face

POWER in sustaining tolerance of yourself, cuz lets face it, if you drive yourself crazy, guaranteed those around you want to knock your ugly teeth in.

Celebrate flexibility, Celebrate Uniqueness, Celebrate LOVE.




Open yourself up

and For


Use a profanity!

Monday, March 18, 2013

To waste

All men think their life should be full of Charlie Sheen moments. In A paradox of 20 somethings, booze and sex toys. A mere 50 Shades of Grey mantra, where All ladies Swoon at their dimples and Swag. Where Their Wife Is Denise Richards and the mistress A playmate. Ideally, Martha Stewart Home making By day, And Extra Noisy By night. Dare I say stepford!

All women want, is to be swept off their feet, By an Iconic Handsome Man. Being Loved and Romanced in an erotic passionate way...while still being listened to and helped around the house!
Told they are beautiful and smart, Have success and safety. Faithfulness and Honesty, while Romantic gestures come surprisingly. Sometimes, Snag themselves A "bad" guy wanting to settle down for her and her alone! "until death do us part"

All parents want Genius kids. With remarkable talent, an enthusiasm for life and the ability to grasp the importance of Living the good life. Where they can do no wrong, Smile nicely and speak politely. Treating themselves, their peers and their elders only and always with respect. To live long, healthy and enriching lives.

But We live in a very imperfect society. Pushing for perfection which leads us further and further from happiness.

Because instead of
The sex bot cake makers, We have zero confident cake buyers, who make love only in the Dark.

Burn the Chicken, and have no clue how to cook rice properly every single time.

We have bald headed zoners, who miss every word we say and think A trip the Local Denny's is Romantic.

Lack Confidence and adore sweat pants and slippers.

We have kids who eat sand, and sniff glue, who fall hard before life even opens up and begins for them.

They speak with a tone and are super sneaky! Cute, But damn sneaky! Eventually growing up to feel exactly how we feel now.

Bullies who act out at school because they are bullied at home.

Kids with secrets too scared to tell them because they are afraid of whats to come next.

We have houses that are too small, or in the wrong place. Cars that wont stay put together, and dogs who can't walk themselves.

We have schools without money and teachers who do not care.

Parents who beat or neglect and Foster system soured with those left behind.

Grounds that are trampled by over populated Slaughter houses.

People who use violence as answers, and people caught in the crossfire.

Saddness and heartache, pain and famine.

An abundance a vain and lack of character.

Poison on our lands and in the skies.

Trees that are missing and Animals that no longer exist.

We have some doers, some sayers, some thinkers, and some (ahem) Writers.


We waste So much time. Instead of remembering what we should be grateful for. We waste so much time striving for more money, instead of valuing the little things. ALWAYS WANTING MORE.

We waste our thoughts! We waste our time! We are quick to love others before loving ourselves and then wonder why relationships fall short!
We waste our lives searching for adventures, forgetting sometimes the journey is an adventure in itself.

We waste Time, Lusting after what we do not have, looking "past" whats right in front of us.

We waste our feelings on hate and sorrow.

We waste our hearts worrying what others think.

We waste our breath trying to change others, when we should be taking our own advice.

We waste ourselves hiding...baring masks, instead of being natural and clear.


You see...
This Is not A perfect World...
We are not perfect people...
Nor should we be...

But what do I know...


Im just A writer!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Irish stew

Irish Babies
Irish Stew

Waking up early
Morning Dew

Jumping Around
their faces turn blue


Irish Babies
Irish Stew

Afternoon tea parties
baby dolls

Rocket Ships
Down the hall


Irish babies
Irish Stew

Little Blond Curls
big brown eyes

Looking like daddy
no real surprise

Oh My

Irish Babies
Irish Stew

Signing I love Yous
Shouting out loud

Beautiful and Smart
I am So proud

Of My

Irish babies
Irish Stew

Rebecca Decker

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Its The Waking up one morning And Realizing that you have fallen Short of all our previous goals.
That your life is summed up in one word, motherhood.
You lay there after gasping, thinking about where you would be had you chosen a different path.
Until, that sweet smiling face flashes before your eyes reminding you that they are the best thing that could ever be.
With that. You stand up, dress, Embrace the day knowing you are not just A mom, you are their first inspiration. Their future depends on you. The next step is to challenge yourself as a mom by branching out and becoming A mom who...Can also be a writer, a doctor, a nurse, a teacher, a Taxi driver, a dog walker, a babysitter, a cook, carpenter! A mom that Can maintain their own happiness, with their family happiness and Provide a picture of success. Even if you choice to Be a stay at home mom, who reads dramatic books, cooks a variety of Culinary adventures, makes balloons interesting, and Forts out of sheets and dinningroom chairs. You inspire your Children to have happiness with success. Success is what you make of your time and space.
What makes us laugh, and smile. What makes us work hard and cherish moments. What brings us to tears and still have joy. Is Success! That is your success!

What is A good day without joy?

Monday, March 4, 2013

In your Voice

Theres Something there

I Can hear it in your Voice

The rattle, the slur, that snare

Missing pieces by Choice

I've learned to take what you say

And multiply it by two

This simple game, you like to play

Your drinking is not Just A few

I once had hope in the Words I share

but you Deny me, and push me away

You drink the booze without a Care

Up All night, Sleeping All Day

Truth Bending is still a lie

Something You Said to Me

That you truly do despise

But its sad you Cannot see

Theres A problem that must be Faced

Take Charge,take Control, Be strong

Do it now, Before its Too Late

With sobriety You Cannot Be Wrong

Theres Something there

I can hear it in your Voice

I Can hear it in your Voice