Thursday, January 17, 2013

hau`oli Ohana

Sometimes things Do not always go in our Favor. And thats Ok! Thats Life No?
And who really knows, As the army LOVES to change things quickly.The last few months we've been living in tail spin orders. BUT for Now, The Orders Are Saying "Schofield Barracks" Hawaii. On the beautiful Island of Oahu. To which is Home of Hawaii's School for the deaf n Blind. HSDB is in Honolulu, and Can bus our beautiful Sophie to and from school from Base. Pōmaika`i, As they say! A Blessing! To have this opportunity, as we continue to pray nothing gets changed.

Lets be honest, with this gypsie heart of mine, I can not say I'll be so happy to be in "paradise" after a few months of living there, but I CAN HOPE, my heart can be still for a while. Im very thankful, very excited, but nervous and curious, and cautious. "Island" life doesnt seem to be so easy. Small Island, busy streets, rain forest and BUGS! Expensive! Fall wont feel like fall, Christmas will be in shorts and Flip Flops. It surely will be on Great big Decker Adventure, and Im SO READY! So I think its ok Im scared too.

Besides our biggest thing was being in a place that accomidated ALL the kids education needs to the fullest. With HSDB being 15 minutes (without traffic) from main post, THAT IS A PRAYER ANSWERED! I want everyone to understand, that the blessing of this happening COULDNT MAKE US HAPPIER! That not only with Ryan and Emily's Education thrive but Sophies too. She will be in her element, Among piers who get where shes coming from. And Will enjoy her presense. Where she Can spend Vital beginning years, soaked in ASL and Aural Teachings. Be active in all parts of class, not wonder! Where she doesnt have Kids who ask "why doesnt she talk to us?" And where Her teacher will be fluent, and she wont need an interpreter only to make her pay even less attention to the teacher themselves. (Sophie wasnt always looking at Teacher Jessica when in Class, but waiting to see What the interp. Was saying, often leaving Sophies mind to wander to something else, we are working on her "paying attention" more, and As I've always said about the birthday switch at 4...Since her 4th birthday its been flipped and shes been better about looking at people and waiting for direction)

Plus its a total Bonus the Sophies soon to be new school, is only a FEW SHORT WALKING blocks from Waikiki Beaches! *~*~*~*~SCORE~*~*~*~*~

Things Are going to be way different. Life is Going to Change! We are growing as A family, and ready to take this next journey

Matt leaves Next week for 3 months of Training! Hes headed out to Fort Leonardwood, Missouri, YES AGAIN! hahaha, Too weird. This will be his 3rd winter spent there :o  But he is looking forward to this new beginning In Military Police. Another fresh start! He will be back the End of April. And thats when He starts clearing this Base in Washington before we all fly out to Hawaii...not looking forward to that almost 6 hr flight, with 3 kids, and A hubby whos patience in public isnt up to par! (no offense babe)
We are going to be missing Matt so much while he is gone, but at the same Time Im glad to know he reasoning for being gone is to better himself, and hes safe, and its the  deployment he was set for. Which needless to say, Ill always have his back when it comes to his Career, but those yuppies he was supposed to be deploying with just left my stomach in knots. I had A very unsettling feeling about that Unit, and SO thankful God Had different plans for him...and us. Matt has A way of Falling into drama unexpectedly and lets just say theres too much drama overseas with them...He would have been wrecked.
3 months no daddy! Ugh Sophs gonna be so sad, shes totally a daddy girl. I know on my end, Not having adult time and convos are gonna have me gray by the time he gets back. And As it always happens, the first 3 weeks are torture...and we finally will be getting used to it being "us" and have routine, when he is due back lol.
At least I will have a TON of projects to do while hes training. Like Packing, sorting, patching nail holes, painting over kid "art" scrubbing nooks n crannies, and Working out like a DOG! OH and to Plan a nice Birthday/ going away party for Emily with all her friends. plenty to make the time GO FAST!

For now...We continue to pray! To pray orders stay Hawaii. That We Arrive Safely together in Hawaii, and NOT have to be on the waiting list for housing too too too long. A smooth transition to Island Life, before School begins. If thats not too much to ask for! ;p

oh n one more thing


Nui Hau'oli Ohana


Big Happy Family