Thursday, October 17, 2013

Its beginning to...

Its beginning to...NOT look a lot like christmas, even though the TV Commercials try and tell me differently.
Which of Course, Already makes me want to bust out the mini tree and play Christmas carols on Pandora.
We all have our Favorites...come on...You know you do. I know I do. And I will belt them out without a care in the world. Especially in the shower ;)

If I Cannot have Winter here on Oahu, even though this warm fall weather is nice, I guess I'll have to bling out this Ole Blog here to get my fill of a winter wonder land this year ;)

As The end of October is soon to approach, Ill be gathering Everything about my Favorites here to share.

October had always been my Most loved Month, when the weather begins to change, Sweats and sweaters, leggings and boots. No mittens or wool hats needed just yet. The Colors along the roads from the falling leaves. The smell of fall. The air starting to get that hint of a wood burning stove from neighboring homes. Shorter days. And Comfort warm stews.

I have to remind myself that here in Hawaii, this is just another adventure to check mark. I love Hawaii, so don't let me miss lead you. I love the esthetics, the people. The Culture. The wonder and awe of the breath taking views. The tiny smell of sea (not as strong as back east) The Breeze. I love Hawaii. And Woooowho Im tan again. yet haven't sat out in the sun in a while (so it feels)

But All this sun shine...I like to actually miss the sun. and then Love and basque in it when it shows its colorful face. Ya know?

I miss rain, and Lord knows, Ive missed THUNDER STORMS FOR 3 years now ;) We get teased once and awhile, But Lord I need a GOOD LONG battle rattle thunder storm.

Im not complaining, you see, Im just missing.

So to Fill my seasonal needs till its summer time again, and all the joys of festive holidays have since past, I shall OVER LOAD my blog with everything I can not have.

With that in Mind. On this very Sunny October

Season Greetings...