Wednesday, September 3, 2014


To know ones self one must search beneath the hardened exterior.

Crack through the gossamer finish to reveal what is lying right below the surface.

Remove the fa├žade used to cover up flaws and imperfections we refuse to adhere to.

Allow ourselves to be swallowed up by emotions. No fear.

Allow ourselves room to grow. Mold. Seek.

Astonish ourselves in the strength we have and the vitality we can use.

Walk merrily in our choices instead of sitting idly waiting for something new to come along.



Exist outside our minds cocoon.

Be Jovial

Be smart

Be artistic

Be serendipitous

Be adventurous

Be You. The hardest thing in the world. Letting go of expectations. Letting go of that which inhibits us.

Be free

Laugh Or Cry Or scream what ever is right in the moment you feel it

Never make excuses, own up to your wrong doings, your faults and your successes, never hide.

Be cordial and accepting

Be genuine