Sunday, December 26, 2010

Joy to the World

The Lord is Born, Let Earth receive their King. Let every Heart prepare!!!

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing Glory to the New Born King!

Loving me some Christmas Carols. Tho Today we took Down all our Christmas Decorations, N Had to rearrange the House again! Because these Blessed Children of Ours Got more then they needed, or asked for!! Guess thats why its a blessing ( n thank you to everyone who helped Makes these Kids have a fantastic Christmas) So now the play room is back in the livingroom, n the Dinning Room Back in to The Kitchen!

Its been a crazy n fantastic Year, Matt n I were blessed with our Son, who was a surprise to say the least! But a wonderfully exciting Surprise. Hes amazing. Matt joined the Army, n left me Pregnant which made for an interesting few months. Our Big Move to California in the middle of the mojave Desert, has brought us a lil more closer as a family, which is always a good thing. We discovered the profound deafness of Sophia, n has been working up a plan of Action. We refused to Put Emily into this terrible school systems in hopes of MOVING AGAIN soon! Busy Year, Great Year. A trial on My Marriage, on Family life in general. I grow up even more, found my security has always been with in myself, Learned how to do things on my own. One thing in Common with Army wives, is we are basically Doing it Alone! Strength has been found on ALL levels.

Im excited to see what 2011 has for the Deckers, AN OTHER MOVE PERHAPS!!!??? I hope so. Success with Sophies Ears!!! I cant wait, EMily in School!!! YIPPPPPPEEEE, Ryan Talking n Walking!!!! My Certifications Finished so I can start Working!!!! Yep Yep!!!