Monday, June 20, 2011

The Grander of things

Life is as Life Does...Right? Ive Said it a million times. In respect to my own life and other lifes I ONLY can look upon. Im not a Mind Doctor, or a "Shrink"...Im a pesty, know it all, want to be everything Brat! And thats Ok. Take me or leave me. Under the Muliple layers and ever changing HAIR...Ive always been that person. The Thinker, the Writer, the Nosey Neighbor. The Princess of research and Ideas, the creative.....hermit crab. In all honesty tho. Its the creative quirky people who hide themselves in rooms, Surrounded by 100s of cut outs, glue and magic markers who make "DREAM" boards...The Shy bottled up Girl with a Fancy notebook (or marble school notebook)and a pen in Hand all the years of school. THAT GOT THEM THRU THE AWKWARD-NESS. Its the hissy fits and belly laughing moments with Good friends you remember the most, not the Hair pulling, name calling, Purposely tattle tailing Moments (tho you may never forget them). Its the quiet moments alone in bed listening to the radio to fall asleep, and the quiet moments you wish you had in a movie threater to ACTUAL pay attention to whats said instead of someone gabbing in your ear (uuuhemmm MOM hehe). Then theres Thos sacred MOMENTS, moments that you dont always think about Until something in your present Kicks it back up to the front of your mind...The moments that stop you in your tracks..and Send you into LALA land. Moments, that later make you think ALL OVER AGAIN! In this moment right now, whats been kicked to the front is FASHION WEEEEEEEEEK! Every September Watching it "LIVE" on NY1 with none other then My Brother John. Catwalk after catwalk ooo's and ahhh's grabbing a notebook and pencil later and sketching a design...Loving the World of Fashion WE KNEW NOTHIN ABOUT! Laughing now! As I sit n my "holy" old t-shirt and capri sweats, hair in a bun, and IM TOTALLLY "mum"-ed OUT! HOW the turn has been spun...IM not any fun anymore..BOY how that must suck for Matt! But thats what this Summer is all about. it creeps upon SUMMER in exactly 14 mins Pacific Time. This summer is about putting the FUN back into BEC. Re-invent the older me...into something Gracious and pristine. Awaken my slumberous soul. discover what I want to do with the rest of my dog days and turn them into....a Life FULL of the Grander of Things!

"Trade Show"