Monday, June 13, 2011

A little bit...

As things would have it. We are loving Washington. I couldnt have asked for a better place to spend the next couple of years. And if God has allowed for it! The rest of our Childrens Childhoods. There are lots of plans in our minds and different ways in which we can go about it! The hardest part, is...staying tuned for what may come. Im loving Lacey, and the fact LIFE IS AROUND US. Im loving the Captial and all of its quirkiness...

Our apartment is great, small for sure but awesome...

We have used the fire place just about everyday, at least once...Thankfully, the sun is shining high today.

We spent the last few days of Matts "vacation" doing it up Family style. Allowing him to continue spending the most time with the kids as he can soak up.

playing at the Priest point Park in Olympia

Being thankful,for the Journey we have been on, the road we are now following and Remembering where we are headed.

Heres a few more shots of Oregon, the most magical part of the move!

We were so high up, the Vista Views are simply beautiful!
hope you've been enjoying my Photos.!!