Monday, April 29, 2013

I write therefore Im....NOT YET?


How does one Evolve?




How can one take their true passion and make it into a productive living?

I want to write, I think about Writing, I do random scribbles and such...but nothing is truly complete.
Im so A.d.d With my writing that Im not even kidding...

I want to share it with the world. But who cares enough to read it? I want to see it in print...In my Favorite Magazine "elle" and see it at every news stand.

I want to hear my writings Shared.

I want to keep it going and going and going and going...

But Im merely An Army house how can I make this possible. With no budget! No idea of the avenue to take...

Can't I just fall into it? Can't I just be discovered? Its not like I have not put a TON of work into my own Passion...professionally, no, Morally and emotionally YES~~~~~~

Im a writer, I write...and I want to write to live

Is that really too much to ask for! Honestly?