Tuesday, April 23, 2013



We create Art, life, morals, family values, beauty

We make time and Sense of things

We Seek fulfillment, Satisfaction

We honor truth and Hope

We learn from mistakes and always make new ones


We Have been taught the preciousness that life is offering us. With each day, each step, each breath, We find something that pushes us further and further. Journey men, of a path to created Bliss.

We Create.

We create our life's path by each choice made. And Its simple really. With each choice, We can also choose to be happy. Not that everything in life will bring us joy, not that every moment is a good one, Not that enjoyment is easily obtained, But by Choice, Do we bring it about.

Nothing in this Life is easy. but Life is simple. Believe it or not.

Our Children have reminded us about simplicity. Reminded us how honoring ourselves and our family will take us to where we need to be. Taught us about Love.

Sophie has shown us how to be humble.

The Army has taught us to be patient, and Flexible.

Emily has taught us about Humor

Ryan has taught us about stamina

The Lord has taught us about Blessings and faith.

Being Modern day Travelers have taught us about The World.

Friends have taught us about Acceptance.

No matter where we are or how much time has wrinkled our cheeks, We are always open to learning.


Are forever Students