Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Theres Always those people...

There will always be that person that rubs you the wrong way

There will always be those people who don't understand you

There will always be that person that tries to "correct" your methods

There will always be those people who talk behind your back

There will always be that person who will always come to your defense

There Will always be those people whom you never will forget

People, Persons, friend, Enemy, family and just someone you know...

People who really know you, People you trust, people that love you, People that show respect

People who are fake, people who do not like you, people who want to see you harmed. People...


People who inspire, people who cheer you on, people who take part in your success

People who drag you down

People who Challenge you

People who rob your sanity

People who advise you

People who ruin you

People who make you better


These people are not you. They are not living your life, they are not behind your closed doors.
They are not in your shoes, or in your mind or in your heart per say.

Ultimately it is Ourselves that decide to allow such People to do these things to us, good or bad.

We have to power to allow these persons in our lives. To allow them to treat us as so. To allow them into your heart and thoughts and future.

We have the right to walk away from harsh people, and surround ourselves with genuine People.

We are the company we keep.

Which is the funny part of it all. When you surround yourself with light, You are light, you feel light, you give off light.

Some people have a hard time once fallen into the deep nature of darkness that its hard to walk away.
But Hopefully one day they can.

This is not some crazy insight, friends.
This is not my hippy self saying "go into the light"
Peace, love and incense will make it ok.
Burn the sage and feel the love.

This is simply about remember who you are, and loving yourself enough to be free of those People.
Theres always those people...but knowing yourself, and appreciating your worth, makes all the difference in the World :)