Monday, February 20, 2012

Sophies Implant story Part 1: The Beginning

Ive been holding back this post for days now. Unsure of what I really wanted to share. Unsure if I should share. But of course, Here I am writting. Tho Im sure as today is hectic, Ill be leaving it unfinished for a while and wont post it until later.

Bare with me friends...

As Most of my readers are aware of, Sophie had her Cochlear implant surgery on the left ear. February 16th. It was a Thursday. Done By Dr. Crawford, Pediatrics ENT surgeon at Madigan Army Medical Center, here at Fort Lewis WASHINGTON.
We Opted to go with Advanced Bionics, and two separate processors, The NEW NEPTUNE (Sophia is the first Child in The Seattle Metro Area who will be fitted for this specific Processor,which is kind of cool) as well as the 2nd processor the Much loved Harmony.
We had Pre-op on Feb 13th A Monday early in the morning. Quick and easy minus a Sophie melt down while waiting.
Matt Had taken 2 weeks off of Leave for this surgery and to be here for her healing process, THANK THE LORD. This was his actual FIRST TIME ever taking time off from ANY JOB (besides a few days here and there for Child Births or PCSing with the Army) Hes got this last full week with us, and its been WONDERFUL having him home, truly sad that he will be going back to a regular schedule, cuz Ive been spoiled with him home 24/7.

I had been doing my best to prepare Sophie for her upcoming event but, how do you explain something so serious to a little 3 year old. Showed her the neptune booklet, which eventually that same day got torn to shredds by her...."heres your sign" yeppppp
I also was preparing Emily in the same manner, showing her pictures, explaining whats about to happen, and why wrestling and rough housing will be limited for a few weeks after. Why Sophie would be in pain and so forth.

The day finally came, I actually did sleep a good few hours, just enough to make me get thru the day. The alarm went off at 5am, I was up by 530 lol. Got myself ready in peace, warmed up the van and waited till the very last 10 minutes before we had to leave to make sure, the thought of her morning routine wasnt really in her sleepy mind...aka FOOOOOOOOD~ as of course she wasnt allowed to eat for 12 hours before the surgery. Of course, she woke up easy, perky and ready to get her shoes on. She asked me once to eat while we were driving the 10 minutes to the hospital. So I tried to distract her thoughts with the "face mask" the nurse gave her at Pre-op to make the going to sleep part not as scary...I pointed out cars, and Soldiers running for PT, formations of Soldiers in front of medical companies and had her dancing to some beats in the car...COURSE the beats she can feel. As she LOVES music and LOVES to dance.
We parked in a very empty lot. Close to pediatrics yet far from surgery. PURPOSELY. Text my Jackie as I was enjoying the fact she text me bright and early and was thinking of Sophia on her crazy day.
We made the long walk across the hospital Sophia was a peach, pointing at the photos of water, and ships, birds and such that madigan had hanging in the wall, waving at every worker who walked by. Smiles...SMILES...more SMILES.....That I had a gut feeling were not going to stick around.
And I was right, not even 2 seconds after walking into PRE-OP the same place she pitched a Sophie melt Down 2 days before SHE STARTED TO MELT DOWN AGAIN. Pulling me from exit to exit, throwing pamphlets and Didnt even want to go in the childrens waiting room where more children were watching a Disney Movie. I wasnt allowed to sit, and she now gave the stink EYE to every passer byer. Once her name was called and we had to walk out the exit...she was fine, thinking that was easy, but not realizing we had a new room to enter to dress her in a gown. I walked with her thru that door and again.......MONSTER SOPHIE SPRUNG INTO ACTION. At the sign in window I warned the ladies that she was in a mood and Being WAY LOUD. Something thats hard to get under control.
MY SMART LITTLE DRAMA QUEEN KNEW SOMETHING WAS ABOUT TO HAPPEN, LIFE WOULD BE CHANGING, and that she would be coming out a new...and pain filled Sophie. Right away they had us change in the room...this is the product of that activity

As you can see she was not having the gown. To the fact I left her own pants on. Didnt even both putting the hospital ones on. Tried to calm her down before we walked out of the cubby hole. BUT>> that didnt work. The lady was nice tho and calm, just said "you have to remember we have other people around".....Well Im sorry but NO SHIT...shes more then welcome to take a crack at it. We opted to stay in the locker area instead of the waiting room with other patients. Two of whom were young kids waiting for their own surgery. When a little boys turn came to change, and Sophie was freaking out he came in and looked at her and got upset right away, refusing to change. I explained how its different for her, that she cant hear, and just feels that shes about to experience something she doesnt understand, but his damn grandmother just gave me the most evil look. IF ONLY I CAUGHT THAT WITH A PICTURE....It was ICE COLD.
The Nurse then said. "well stay here in this room, Ill give you a wheelchair to sit down with her" Sophie hopped up on that thing and calmed down. Her notorious finger pacifier went right to her mouth, as she hummed and pointed from locker to locker, We signed numbers together, and counted. I gave her a pen and paper to help pass the time. We had already been at the hospital since 645am!~ YEP 645 AM~~~

Funny enough when Doctor Crawford came into see her and explain whats next to me. SHE WAS ALLLLLLLLLLLL SMILES and nice to him. Everyone else including me kept getting shunned by her, but ohhhh no, not him. Maybe that was a good sign. We waited a tab more before Anesth. Doc came in. By then she was up off the chair and playing with the locker locks. The Gentle man explained everything again I said "all I care about is making sure you take GOOD CARE OF MY BABY" He said "of course I have 4 of my own, I will take great care of her dont worry, it will be over in roughly 2 or 2and half hours" Picked Sophie up after I kissed her sweet face and she walked away in his arms QUIETLY~IT WAS 8:03am by then.
I COULD NOT BARE THE THOUGHT OF GOING TO THE WAITING ROOM AT THAT MOMENT. in fact my legs wouldnt let me. So I wandered the halls, grabbed 2 separate cups of coffee, text a little when I got service

After an hour of walking I found my place in the waiting room. Watched as call after call to the families waiting came into the waiting room. Thought it was strange that more then 75% of "come see the patient surgery is over and they are awake" came via calls to the waiting room, instead of a nurse or doctor coming....But leave it to a military hospital to fore-go bedside manner.
I read a few old mags, and actually Saw some great articles like "the snob diet" which was an interesting read, and made perfect sense. to the Latest worst and best dressed in life and style.

was texting and texting and texting and was glad to do so, It was helping more so much. My leg however, that has this odd twitch to it ever since my csection, was GOING BONKERS, My leg kept finching and popping up at odd moments, so I just kept them swinging While I sat...HAHAH PERKS OF BEING SHORT in a chair.

FINALLLLLLLLY longer then I thought surgery would go, Dr. Crawford came and got me. Said that she did wonderful, she didnt give them problems before hand, and that the cord went into her Cochlea just fine. The Only issue was that her skin is thin, so the implant was sticking out some, leaving a larger then "average" bump on the side of her head, right behind her ear. And....that while waking up she was a bit, well SOPHIE. I dropped my purse when I saw her, grabbed her and sat with her. Her eyes closed and her whining. Pulling at the ear cover that had to band across her forehead. She was wiggling, and crying, and punching me in the head, then holding me tight. then punching me again and ripped off her ear cover 3 times. BY THE 3rd she chucked it so far, WE COULD NOT FIND IT. Come to find out, they were waiting, and didnt give her any pain meds. Untill I said plz give her something...which then took 10 minutes to do so, resulting in my own pony tail then pulling pulled to the side and FRIZZ everywhere. As soon as that med was in her IV, down she went....and slept. THANK THE LORD.
An hr into recovery discharge papers were signed. Replacement ear covers gotten and the nurse even went to the pharmacy for me and got the meds we needed for her at home. She was set into a wheel chair and we got walked out to the VAN. THANK GOODNESS WE ONLY LIVE 10 mins away as she was insane. MAD. and I was nervous she'd start pulling at her ear again. especially since she still refused to where the ear piece. BUT WE MADE IT HOME. TIP TOP SHAPE. but her sad and hurting. She cuddled right on my lap on the sofa and We sat and sat and sat, she slepted a little. N I got a few good shots of her boo boo

MY POOOOOOOOOOOOOR baby. But at least she didnt get stitches, they used Skin glue instead.
We decided to spend the rest of the day and night in my room. Just she and I and the bed and TV. And there we camped for about 16 hours straight. The next day she was in better spirits. NOT WONDERFUL, but wonderful enough to ask me to give her a bath. She ate half a pain dry bagel, a few go-gurts and the only problem she gave me was taking the codiene. Guess it taste is gross. Later that day I noticed her cheek and temple BLOWN UP, very swollen, and called in the Doctor tho they were closed for training, the emergency line was open, she told me shes page him and he'd call......BUT I NEVER GOT A CALL.

this is as good as she would let me get of her face swelled up
But regardless she was feeling better, she pretty much stayed in her room watching Scooby doo all day, OVER AND OVER, to her liking, its her fav new thing. But I insisted on having her sleep in my room again with me. So Emily and Daddy camped in the livingroom on the pull out bed.
She pretty much slept thru the second night. Which wasnt the case the 1st night, she was up and up and up and watched Disney for hrs. as I tried to snooze and she'd bust me in my face for having my eyes closed...yep she hates to let me sleep while shes up alone.
But we made it thru. After 2 nights we let her sleep in her room. She got up after 3am and sooooo gently and cute(ly) pointed to her ear, and made a confused sad face...indicating pain. Took her meds, turned on scooby AGAIN FOR HER then she eventually drifted back to sleep.
Here we are MONDAY, shes jumping around, didnt take any pain meds today, tho I tried to give her some. She danced and roller skated, played with the new puppy Jesse and has adjusted well. Swelling went down some and she even went out Yard saling with us this weekend. Emily understands to take it easy, though has to be reminded at some moments. But has shown affection and i love you signs all weekend to her sissy. Ryans clueless but ha thats ok. he wont remember any of this.
Our Appointment in Seattle for her Activation is scheduled for March 15th as of right now....

ITs been a long few days, Im a bit overwhelmed. Still not team implant, but who knows that could change. Im sad I put her thru the drama and pain. and CONFUSION mostly. But IM SO GLAD ITS ALL OVER. I still have concerns about the implant being in there. What about her loving to wrestle, and playing baseball (her fav sport) what if she wants to play soccer. the risks are extremely high of taking a shot to the head. DOES THIS CHANGE A LOT OF ACTIVE POSSIBLITIES FOR MY BABY. my sporty, tom boyish baby girl??????????
Ill always have something that concerns me...I know, but they only thing that was limiting her was NOT hearing before. AND seems to be more limiting having this THING in her head.
I just cant seem to find any peace in it, AT ALL.

But at least she is ok. It went well, shes getting better, and feeling herself again...beautiful and funny as always