Thursday, March 1, 2012

If I could turn back time... ;)

If I were to think back ohhhh 15+ years And think about the kind of childhood I experienced it would make me sad.
Not sad because it was a bad childhood, it wasnt. Sad, because Kids these days have no desire to just BE. They seem to always be on the move, and as their mini skirts get shorter, so does the age it starts to show more leg. Video games rule the house, they all have cell phones, and gagets of sorts.
Seems a bit..boring

I spent the better half of my years, pretty much OUTSIDE. From the first house in Monroe NY where my own memories began, to the "schoolhouse" in Howells, where we LIVED on our trampoline, and stayed out till late playing "man hunt". At that point Computers had been in circulation in homes, internet had been already underway, and social media, with AOL AIM and angelfire in full gear.My first email was to and I changed my screenname as often as the seasons. So it wasnt like we were lacking in Technology, we just prefered to

Simple times, and pleasurable times. We couldnt wait for school to end to take turns wrestling on the trampoline. We enjoyed our summers in pools and went to county fairs, for the rides, not to just "bump" into other friends...only to then stand around Trying to look cool, by looking like we werent into all the fair activities, petting zoos and snacks.

Sure, I started wearing makeup at 10 years old, coloring my hair in 7th grade, sported a jean mini skirt or two to the mall "trying" to look older then I was, but barely ever pulling that look off. Regardless, I still liked to get down and dirty in grass and mud.

So maybe Im not the coolest mom on the Block. My kids do not HAVE ANY video games, phones, ipads, leap frogs, computer access, of any kind. When they do get a hold of amazes me that they even understand how to work it most of the time. Like technology is hardwired into this new generations DNA some how. A medical phenomena, clearly.
For my kids long for the out doors, to run a muck in the grass, roll down the hills, and trips to the beach...where here in Washington you must first hike thru trails of wooded areas to get to. They love to skip rocks, and crawl in the sand.

UGH it has dawned on me that Im the old mom now these days. Nothing cool here, except that I enstill my own "OLD SOUL" atributes into my kids.
Because I dont want them to be the kids that I see now who Have no clue, who Kevin Bacon is? Or understand that Footloose they saw in thearters was re-made. That True love Novels Like Sense and Sensibility were meant to be read with care and time. Who ponder the name Jane Austen.
Kids these days have no clue what real movies, books and shows are. They think "the Breakfast Club" are where Dorks meet at school for in the mornings, The Goonies is a type of Candy, and That "bed Knob and Broomsticks" are something you just would find in their grandmothers basement.

Who look confused if you belt out "just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down" or "how do you catch a Cloud and pin it down"

Have no clue Where the saying "everytime a bell rings an Angel gets his wings" started from. this is my Fav scene From "its a wonderful life"

Or that Tammy and The Bachelor Had a series of movies.
Or that Elvis Presley once had a time in his life where we was a hunky movie star. Or that Wearing LAYERS of clothes, shoulder pads and side pony tails and big hair was once sexy.

Before there was Glee there was the Vontrap
and Partridge family.
Before Harry Potter there was Star Wars...ORIGINAL Star Wars.
Before 90210 was anerexic there was Tori Spelling and Jason Priestly
Before Bratz there was Clueless

Before Video games and internet to "help" children with skills there was playing outside and Sesame Streets Count dracula.

My childhood was awesome. I turned out just fine. Im a proud 80s/90s girl. And hope to keep my kids memories simple, wonderful, and full of more family face time, then IMing time. ;)

I can not rewind time, I cant wish for life to be different for my kids, but I can aid their old time souls to always be visuable from with in.

Happy March readers. LET SPRING COME NOW~