Tuesday, April 17, 2012

...And shes now 5

Enjoyed a Few good days on her Perfectly Purple huffy Bike From Grandma Kelley. Then Picked out a Blue polka dotted Dress to sport for her 5th Birthday! Man~! My little lady is growing up fast.

We Spent the Afternoon, At Point Defiance Waterfront In Tacoma. At Anthony's restaurant! Right next to the Zoo, n the Largest Ferry I've seen in a long time. The Kids LOVED seeing the big Boat. But most of all, kids after my own heart, LOVED THE WATER~ Emily said "ugh mom whats the smell"....Well Em thats Salty fishy water! ;)
We Met Aunt Penny and Uncle Paul at Anthony's during their LONG layover here in Seattle, before the headed off to Alaska to greet Shaun Off the BUS ~ WELCOME HOME COUSIN ~

After A wonderful Lunch! Mind You Anthonys was a perfect Seafood Choice. Great, Clean, different, and the Views Even on this RAINY day was amazing. Great Views of the Islands of Puget Sound, n Then Mt Rainier to the Right!
Then They followed us to Post and spent a good time playing with the kids, building log cabins, "cooking" food, and Having a BLock Fight. Emily finally wasnt Shy n was calling Aunt Penny A cookoo bird. After they left, Em kept saying how much fun she had, n when she went to bed, and we said I love yous, she included the fact "mom I love Aunt Penny and Uncle Paul too" Toooooo cute. They brought awesome learning coloring n sticker books for the kids n they spent the evening putting them together.

We got to talk to Aunt Dawny n Lexi who called to Wish Em a happy birthday. Got a Call from Poppi! And Lovely messages on Facebook. So thank you to everyone.
We Made Pizza after that. Snacked on Chocolate Cupcakes, n then Ended with Some vanilla Cake n Hugs. Fun day. And A big Thanks TO Penny and Paul.
I can not BELIEVE 5 years have passed. She is so big, and Smart, and says the DARN'Dest things. Can not believe how Funny she is. As she always has been really. Remembering one of her first words was "odd" n then went to calling People "PIG BUG"
Soon to start Kindergarten n then UGH Ill be a bag of tears!

Happy Birthday my beautiful Emily

oh n Course Sophie who hates pizza, Picked Out having Broccoli for her Dinner n Ate it ALL!