Monday, April 30, 2012

OOO Therapy

oo, Ah, Sh, S, MM, EE..... Ling Sounds.

Ok so its the first time ive ever heard the term "ling Sounds" and it sounds ODD. But I assume its the Sounds we introduce that LINGER?

Audition. Not exactly sure of this Use but as described by my "homework" for the next 2weeks. Its For Showing Sophie Awareness of sound. got it! ;)

The Banging Game.

IM supposed to have the kids turn their backs to me, and When I bang on something They Should Turn around. Eventually working Sophie up to do it solo and When she Turns after hearing the sound GIVE BIG praises for her great work at listening. For now getting All kids involved will make Sophie WANT to play.

Door knocking Game. Practice the Sound of a Door knock...Is exactly what it sounds like "knock knock" "whos there" "umm Big bird?"

Walk and Listen. Indoors and Outside (on a nice day) Have Sophie point to something and We listen for sound and then she listens to me tell her what it is.

Working up to NAMES

Give or take 3 months Sophie should respond to her own beautiful name being said. Leading into Emily, Ryan, mom and dad, when Spoken, she should be able to point us out. Later, Speaking, will come later. As I told Rebecca (Sophies Aural Therapist) Im not rushing her with any of this. Im not pushing. She will get it on her own time. Just as she has done with potty training, something we were not pushing her to do, shes been wanting it all on her own.

Today went Great with Sophie. She listened. She heard, she responded and Followed the Prompts. Ryan distracted her a tad, as The SIBLING room only allows 3+ and Potty trained. Which I find odd Mostly young young siblings are with their Brother or Sister who needs services. Today I spoke to Emily about Being brave. Shes never stayed in a class room like setting ALONE, with out a sibling or parent. I wanted her there because I knew she'd give problems about what Toys she wanted to play in therapy like last time. AND SHE DID IT. Like I knew she would. She stayed in the room with other kids, Sat and Played and colored and watch a movie. It was only an HR but she did awesome Im so very proud of her. We keep talking about Bravery and How She will be going to kindergarten every day next year. Which If all goes Well After Sophies Therapy on the 14th Registeration for Emilys school opens up. I want to be there asap So that I can get her in a morning Class. That Way her and Sophie are on the same hrs, as Sophies Deaf Pre-school only does Morning hours. Tomorrow is the CYSS meeting and then the 10th Emily goes to the dentist, and then Sophies School evaluation on the 17th. BUSY BUSY next few weeks. Which Im super excited about.

All in All April was kind. it was Fun, we went out with a BANG. And We welcome a wonderful May tomorrow. :)

Heres A few pictures of Sophies First Day with Rebecca, of Seattle Childrens Auditory Center.