Thursday, April 19, 2012

Do Solemnly Swear

Welcome Another 4 years of Army Strong Living! Matthew R Decker Re-enlistment To 31 Bravo, Military Police, Was Official on this Day April 19 2012 At Roughly 11:30am. Sworn in By Captian Chang and witness by Myself, The kids And A few Soldier Comrades. On the Steps of the Capital Building Dome In Olympia Washington.

Im extremely Proud Of my husband, His commitment and his Duty.
It was a back n forth about What to do as far as Re-signing or civilian Life. But in the End the Army Seemed like the best choice. We hope to be stationed somewhere new Come Next Spring. Matt Will be getting his orders to attend MP school At Fort Leonard Wood Missouri AGAIN! In the Winter no less, come September. Then January is when he would ship out for Training.

One of the best part about Military Life Is the moving around and getting the chance to see Life in different parts, I Pray the Lord has it in his plans to be put back on the East Coast this time around. Nevertheless, Im proud to Say My Husband is serving is country and Providing for His family. Hes been working very hard and Has been recognized By his Chain of command as being a great and important asset to their Motor pool. As he has been working on his leadership skills, and In his classes, as he continues to get certified in everything he can.

We've been one of the Lucky few to have not been a part of a deployment, dispite Matts desire to Do so. Having Spent a year at NTC and Then coming here to A Unit that was not set for deploying. However, It is possible that the next step After AIT is To be sent over seas, in that Case We will Continue to be As Strong possible, As I will continue To Support Matthew And His career.

Congratulations Matty on a Job well Done! I love you So much, and You mean the WORLD to me and to our kids. We Appreciate all you do!