Tuesday, February 12, 2013

dearest Friends

I Write this For you my friend, My Dearest of All Friends.

I have never left you for I care For you

But Sullen have my days been, They are blue.

I fear theres nothing much to do.

Still, You, My Dearest Friend, Have remained So true.

The Sea to which I travel upon,

Has taken My Soul, Oh yes Its Gone.

Teathered and Tattered beaten Aboard.

Longing now to See the shore.

Still, you, My dearest Friend, Do Implore.

For You seek to find me Refuge

But You See, I need not Rescued

I Have Faith In my Lord God

Find Comfort in our Bond

Still, you, My dearest Friend, have abscond

Once again I must Rise up, Must have Hope

I refuse to Walk around and Mope

I have inner strength to get through

Even now without you

My Friend, My dearest of All Friends