Thursday, February 21, 2013

what Matters

When Faced with the Choice,

To live free or die chained

Whats the Choice you would Make?

Chains can be teathered to anything, Or anybody.

Which often happens even in the best of relationships.

When Faced with the Choice,

To Speak out, or Have a closed Mouth

Whats the Choice you Would Make?

Knowing that Words can get the best of us.

When Faced with the Choice,

To stand up or bare down

Whats the Choice you would Make?

Are you strong enough to Weather any storm, Tall?

We get faced with such questions Every day, in all moments, and for all different kinds of reasons.

We do not always make the best of choices. But Make the choice we feel to be right in the moment.

We are human, and its ok to make Mistakes, and its ok, to make a choice thats going to Change the path of LIFE.

We Are made by the Most precious Lord, and he has given us that right to decide.

Decide when to move on and let go

When to hold on and stay strong

When to fight a battle, or hide in plain sight

To pick our selves up when damaged or crumble at defeat.

To survive the good, the bad and the ugly of our very world.

To remember what Matters, and hold true to ourselves, placing faith in him.

To Remember What MATTERS.