Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Most People are perfectly afraid of Silence

love is the voice under all silences,
the hope which has no opposite in fear;
the strength so strong mere force is feebleness:
the truth more first than sun more last than star

i do not know what it is about you that closes
and opens; only something in me understands
the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses
nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands

Was in the Mood to Quote A bit of E.E Cummings.

After All I started my own day this morning, Writing a few off the cuff poems. Here in this very blog. Good? Eh Maybe they are. Who Am I to tell, But be it the Writer. Im Partial to my own work, MOST of the time, and Yet My biggest critic.

However, This entry is not about Me!

Cummings has such an ironic prose.
 No two of his poems are close in style, except for the fact, they are just all distinct and odd. Perfectly matched to my crazy Family. And For this days purpose, His Words have stuck with me, in reguards to our littlest Girl! Sophie, with her tiny hands and feet! (currently she wears the same shoe size as Ryan) 4 Sizes Smaller then her sister. So tiny, so cute. So Special, to us! The Quotes above SING Sophie, Sing how I feel! Explain Joy and Love, and something special.

We Got a great report today from her teacher, during our Conference. Sophie "mothers" the Boys in her class, sticks to their side, and leaves the Girls to ummmmm fend for themselves. Our Girl, Is a Boys Girl. From the Blue socks and "cars" themed Rainboots she wears everyday, to the pony tail-less look with her Super hero t-shirt wearing..My tomboy. Everything from the color of her dish, to the ball shes playing with, NO HAVE NO TRACE OF GIRLIE! Nailpolish, however, thats another story, she loves the stuff...any color, but mostly golds and black!

Sophie, has gone above and beyond where she started School in September, her vocabulary (asl) has bloomed, shes using her hands for everything, makes jokes, and plays games, yet According to Teacher Jessica, has been DRAWN into learning lately more about letters, and shapes. Her Coloring has changed,Its not just scribbles anymore. shes drawing actual figures now. Altho her batman she draws looks more like a Giant blueberry with devil horns ;) ;) LOVE HER!

She Enjoys getting different Jobs in Class, her favorite being Line leader, which solves the mystery sign of the last 2 weeks....I had NO IDEA what she was signing, its not like theres an app I can take a picture or video of her signing and ask for the translation....PLEASE! That would be awesome tho!

Teacher Jessica Also solved my mystery of her always signing RAT at odd times, Apparently its one of her classmates name signs, not that hes a rat, but that the name sign in super close. poor kid!

Shes listening well, following directions, has friends, Her teachers adore her. Shes Picky, she likes things HER way, even in class, but, they are still thrilled to have her each day. And Are surprised when I tell them shes been bullying her poor little brother! (acting out since Dads been gone)

Sophie even...showed Them that Her parents are NOT crazy in thinking theres some Sounds she can hear in her right ear, BY covering up and making an "its too loud" face, when an other classmate was flipping out screaming and crying and sitting next to her! OOO and this was WHILE SHE DIDNT HAVE ANY SOUND PROCESSOR TURNED ON!!!!
Thinking for sure we now need to make that ENT appt to see if we can have a Hearing aid fitted for that ear. IN hopes she will get more sound, NOT enough, but more, and then Prompt her to use the Cochlear implanted side, processor. Which by the way, she still hates...We all agree that sometimes Deafies decide early on in their life which form of communication they prefer, and are comfortable using. And ASL right now is Sophies Choice. It can, and May change especially when shes older and making her choice on if she wants to attend a mainstream school with Em and Ry...or she may Always want to use her first Language! And Here in this family, in this house! THAT IS A OK! We must remember, that just because she was implanted, doesnt make her now a Hearing person. She is still and will forever be Deaf! Nothing wrong with that. Shes Blosoomed into an amazing bright and funny little Monster ;) Average super kid. Makes up for her lack of Ways We as Adults Will never be able to do! And too me, thats SO magical! She Is happy, healthy, expressive, communicates, shares stories, jokes around, plays games, LIVES LIFE! And We are proud. Sophia Gabrielle, Just loves her quite World.
"Most People Are Perfectly afraid of Silence" E.E Cummings
Yea Well
She...Embraces it!