Saturday, March 23, 2013

Let us Laugh


Laugh like nothing else but laughter matters.

In this Crude and cruel World, We need to be able to just laugh...

We live but a short life, So to live bound and not free, stubborn and filtered...

Would be Tragic.

In A breath we wait for something to happen

We Mull over the moment and Forget for an instant that in fact we are but walking a frail line.

That line between what we perceive as reality and what it could be if we let go.

Who's life are we supposed to be living anyway, and in that case, isn't happiness key?

The key to success and solidarity.

What is it that we fear from laughter?

Is Laughter the catapult to all things coming unbound?

To our being lost in the mix of complex notions of life's perceptions?

Or Simply, Humility!?

Yet, it is so, that when true laughter expels from our guts, We feel a sense of relief. No?

So, Why do we hold back?



Laugh hard


Mean it

Take it for what it is, and what it does, and how it expresses and heals and completes us.

Oh to Laugh, whole heartily. Without restraint, without care, without caution.

Freely and Openly. Amidst the Chaos that may be of that day, just laugh, and feel as the weight dissipates, the chains fall to the floor and you lift off feeling free and Calm and steady.

Oh to Laugh. Let us laugh and laugh, and laugh and