Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Its The Waking up one morning And Realizing that you have fallen Short of all our previous goals.
That your life is summed up in one word, motherhood.
You lay there after gasping, thinking about where you would be had you chosen a different path.
Until, that sweet smiling face flashes before your eyes reminding you that they are the best thing that could ever be.
With that. You stand up, dress, Embrace the day knowing you are not just A mom, you are their first inspiration. Their future depends on you. The next step is to challenge yourself as a mom by branching out and becoming A mom who...Can also be a writer, a doctor, a nurse, a teacher, a Taxi driver, a dog walker, a babysitter, a cook, carpenter! A mom that Can maintain their own happiness, with their family happiness and Provide a picture of success. Even if you choice to Be a stay at home mom, who reads dramatic books, cooks a variety of Culinary adventures, makes balloons interesting, and Forts out of sheets and dinningroom chairs. You inspire your Children to have happiness with success. Success is what you make of your time and space.
What makes us laugh, and smile. What makes us work hard and cherish moments. What brings us to tears and still have joy. Is Success! That is your success!

What is A good day without joy?