Monday, March 4, 2013

In your Voice

Theres Something there

I Can hear it in your Voice

The rattle, the slur, that snare

Missing pieces by Choice

I've learned to take what you say

And multiply it by two

This simple game, you like to play

Your drinking is not Just A few

I once had hope in the Words I share

but you Deny me, and push me away

You drink the booze without a Care

Up All night, Sleeping All Day

Truth Bending is still a lie

Something You Said to Me

That you truly do despise

But its sad you Cannot see

Theres A problem that must be Faced

Take Charge,take Control, Be strong

Do it now, Before its Too Late

With sobriety You Cannot Be Wrong

Theres Something there

I can hear it in your Voice

I Can hear it in your Voice