Saturday, February 13, 2010

another day another thought

crazy day, went out into MIddletown in hopes of going to walmart for one quick art supply and food shopping trip but it was insanely busy even just getting to walmart so I gave up and went to ACMoore got cute valentines day stuff for the girls to make a vday gift for my to take to Matt this coming week...YES FINALLY I GET TO SEE HIM. I'm taking a trip by myself to Missouri to see him Graduate from Bootcamp on Thursday, and these gifts are sure to make him cry (snickers)..heheheh love to see him get misty eyes over his girls ;) The sucky part is me taking the bus a full 24 hrs on a bus there and back....but a bed to myself at least for one night will be HEAVEN!!!!!!!!! A much needed escape to reconnect with my inner Becci, and come back refreshed and ready to bore out the last 12 weeks of his training in slummy old Middletown ;( blah... I seriously can not wait to find out where we get adventures and love to sow more seeds in Land we have yet to see. Thats the thing about us Deckers...we have gypsy blood traveling through our veins, or so it would seem. Since 2005 we have been coming and going so quickly, moving and enjoying breaks, new scenery and people. You meet a lot of interesting people on the road, people you will not soon forget. Tho, its not always best I hope to one day see the traveling side of my kids and watch them go off to Europe to Back pack around or even study. I hope to one day set foot in Greece, Italy and even Russia Where if Matt decided to retire Military good me for my dreams will come true and that includes adopting a baby girl from Russia my life long dream since I was 9.