Thursday, February 11, 2010

playing catch up

So as time goes on I realized that my true passion,writing, has escaped me. Ever since I became a mom in 2007 I've let the only thing that was my escape hatch be put away. Then it dawned on me...Maybe if I write I would be less stressed. What other way do I have to be open and honest not only with myself but with whatever I have going on in my life. So I sit here now as Yo gabba Gabba plays on the TV and my two girls are enthralled with it, I start this little blog. To capture that of the simple life, as mom and wife, and maybe regain a piece of my sanity, a piece of myself I lost too long ago.

So for all you bloggers out there wondering who I am lets play a little catch up...

My name is Rebecca always been called Becci, guess it suits me tho I have always been tempted to change my name as silly as it sounds. I live in Orange County, New York for now. My husband and I got married in 2007, we have a beautiful growing family, with our 2 year old daughter and Our year old as God would have it baby number 3 a mere 4 and half months away...this past November my Husband enlisted as a soldier in the UNITED STATES ARMY and is currently training at Fort Leonard Woood, Missouri. I and my 2 girls are living back home with my father to save money and wait till May for the army to move us to our station...fingers crossed for Alaska. Why? you ask...its time for a new adventure and more people are to be met. The more you read on the more you will come to realize We love to move and have lived in lots of places, like, Phoenix and Tampa and yes even in the county parts of IOWA...despite us moving so much and loving it we always wind up back in good Ole Orange county where we both grew up. Sadly each return is torture and the itch to move is back.

The husband is away and I can not wait to be back with him every night and in our own little place again. To set a schedule and decorate and get my crazy, adorable and loud girls back into the normal swing of things. Something that isnt so easily accomplished whilst sharing a bedroom (not to mention a bed with my 2yr old) despite what others and on lookers may think. I dont like Chaos but my girls have my heart, IM not made of putty with them, but not of stone either.

Its a different kind of life for us, we enjoy the simple things that life has to offer, raising our growing family, nights at home with a board game a family movie and a glass of wine for the parents (when I can have it again). I enjoy "I Love Lucy" because even with the sound off it can make me laugh out loud.

We have lots of hopes for the future and dreams of retiring young and passionate, with a taste of our beautiful country. Traveling and enjoying that which it has to offer. Is it really so much to ask to live in a small country town where ever one knows your name, your next of kin and even the breed of Dog you call RIN TIN TIN??? Where you can here the cheers of the High school Football game from your back porch and catch fire flies in the summer. Count Stars and have block parties? Thats a dream we share...enjoying the spoils of the simple life, together forever, under Open Sky in God Country.

Need to know more? Want to know whats next....stay tuned!!