Monday, February 15, 2010

Drum Roll Please

Its a boy.......yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! had an ultrasound today and baby Deckers lil boy parts were left wide out in the open to see!!! So excited and I'm hoping for a much more laid back baby unlike my girls ;)but we will see. Matt doesnt know yet and unless he remembers to ask Wednesday when he gets his phone back in Army then he wont know until I can surprise him with the pictures!!!! hehehehe

Leaving tomorrow on a Bus for Missouri, Wish me luck.

Noticed today that as I walked out of restaurant with my sandwich to go, I had a huge smile on my face (ahhhh sigh its a boy) and these old people passing me by were looking at me like I was a loony tune. it was a great feeling tho, They passed me by and I just laughed!