Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Leaving Barstow

Theres this crap movie called leaving Barstow. So amist todays joyful news I found it quite the fitting title.
At 6am This morning matt scared me half to death mid dream. He looked mad at first, but what can I tell out of it and eyes only half open."its MAY 3rd" he yelled. "Ummyea..." I replied~ "yea well be at FORT LEWIS byJune 10th" pointing his finger at me flashing a big ole grin. By then my eyes were wide open! So many times he had tricked me, andthis time he was serious. But at 6am....GRRRRRR i couldnt fall back to sleep and went down stairs to have him pull up the system online so i can see for myself. And there it was.FINALLLLLLLLLY!
Bitter sweet as I will miss the few ladies I love here, and the comfort of the Sandy Basin pool on the hot days! But I will not miss
Toronado like winds, scorpions, poisonous snakes, Bitches who spread the gossip here and go out of their way to be mean. I will not miss this nasty Commissary or the long ass drives to civilization and Doctor appointments.
We will be able to start Sophies surgery and speech therapy. BE SOMEWHERE GREEEEEN! Somewhere that rains! (washington state obviously rains a ton). Will be close to a community school for me to take classes that mean something. Have snow! and Seasons! Near Beaches!
Although its not closer to NY, and although Ill be really far from home when deployments happen, we will be in a better location then we are now. No more scary sun spiders and giant black spiders to worry about!

Another fresh start for this Family.
Our moving time frame, will mean we lived in Cali, exactly a year. California is nothing spectacular, Im not even gonna bat an eye or look back when we cross state lines.But at least I can say we've been there, lived there, saw that, felt the pacific ocean. Saw Hollywood and San Diego zoo! Cant forget Cali! Its Ryans Birth state!
But we cant wait to take that final drive off! Kiss the Coyote and pass the painted rocks.
That trip down that lonely and dusty two way highway will be so wonderful...knowing we wont be headed back through those empty Mountains...
Good Bye Fort Irwin! Thanks for Showing us what we dont want in a Military Base!

Im sure ill have something to complain about in Washington! After All im Becci and Im woman and mom and wife, and complaining is what I do! but to know that being Army also means we get to move and see other places, curves my the same time, being in the program we are in for Sophie (efmp) means we can try and stay in one place longer then the average! If we like it that much. We are also being told now that EFMP gives usother advantages in the moving part. Fast turn out and faster new housing! So hopefully we will be leaving before May is over! Otherwise...June bloom for another Decker ADVENTURE!!!