Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jump, Shake, Twist with Gypsy and WHOA a change!

My mind has been in a funk for days now! Really this whole month has been a blurr!
AS soon as we got word of when and where we are now being stationed life turned upside down!...As did my house! Packing was in full swing. Sold my dinning room table and made room in that extra space to set up all packed boxes...needless to say theres not to much walking room. Which is to my surprise. I truly am the complete opposite of a pack rat! If its not needed or hasnt been used in months, I do away with it! Some say its wasteful...but to me its refreshing, "out with the old, in with the new". Not to mention I cant stand CLUTTTTTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Being raised in a large family, all boys and pack rat parents Im proud to say, its their fault I throw things AWAY!!! lmao! ;)

Just get rid of it!, do you use it, when was it bought?does it work?...I tell people moving or organizing their homes...they dont always follow my advice, and then BAM! Hoardingmania happens all over again.

But see here I am among the rabble of boxes in my dinning room. OVERWHELMED! I know we are a family of 5 now! I know whatwe have is what we need,but itstill seems like sooo much! Especially the clothes and Toy department...geeeeesh spoiled kids, I have packed 3 santa bags of toys 2 toy boxes, and 3 cardboard boxes of toys...still having some left out so they arent bored...WTF??? lol...SPOILED KIDDIES WHOM I LOVE AND DESERVE IT ALL!

But again I say Im laughing...and Im overwhelmed, I was looking forward to another move. and Dare I say, this past year here in California has changed me EVEN MORE! Im ever mind, my soul, my personality (some im still quirky and insane) my thought process, my acceptance of myself and those around...ALLLLLL CHANGING!
Dare I say also, that I DONT EVER WANT TO DO A BIG MOVE AGAIN! Im ready to get to WASHINGTON, and plant those roots I'd been scared to let grow in the past! In fact, Im trying my darndest to convince Matt not to resign with Army and go out for something else he has always wanted, and I believe in him enough to accomplish! The police department! Then the only move we'd have to do is to the local PD he gets a job with!
This moving business is hard, While I used to love it! NOW! I think, FINALLY im over it. BIG moves anyway...small ones cross town. Not to bad! ;) this girl still needs to get her "change" on once and awhile!

PHEW!!!! that was hard to admit!...the Soul of my gypsy past life seems to be slipping behind...hypernating even. My constint mind changing will make her reappear im sure! But for now....My gypsy Soul for leaving bay! Rest in peace my dreamer!

Funny enough, this Cat we adopted...we named her Gypsy! 9 lives...and mystery in her eyes, roams quietly! Shes an amazing kitty!

Oooo...and so! As we continue on this next Decker adventure, I have stress and my mind is racing and my need to just get this is powerful! oi! it cant come fast enough...2 weeks baby 2 weeks from today we hit the road...and Lord knows, Im not looking back!