Wednesday, May 18, 2011

La Push, At Twilight, Forks near a rainforest...means?

I would be lieing if I didnt say Im the biggest geek! And with that LOVE twilight Saga! So naturally moving to Washington state makes my fat little fingers MOVE at the speed of light researching key shot spots of the saga.

Seems to me tho, the little Town that could and once reportedly COULDNT!Has made good of the newly found fame the Twilight Books and movies gave them. Points of interest and dazzling signage all bout the life Stephenie Meyer and Not to mention the love triangle of Bella,Edward and Jacob,gave them.
But I must say too,these people must nothave watched the movie well! They feature items at restaurantes that are all about M.E.A.T!Please correct me if i am wrong, wasnt BELLA a Vegatarian!??? lmao!

AND um Edward didnt have a bed at first, and his room when he did was nice and light! Not dark and scary!

So im interested. I want to take that trek up, nearly the rest of the 101 highway, in which we are taking all the way from California coast! Onto the olympic Peninsula, a piece into the Hoh Rainforest, La Push beach! maybe even Port Angeles, if I can get my grumpy hubs to further North!

Yes its home to Vamps and wolves alike! But hey! Nothing like alittle drama to play up an ordinary day! Its also a great water fall place and fishing avenue!Which may just get Matt up there!

Well,Im excited! The Geek in me CAN NOT WAIT! Love hiking, Love beaches, Love history! Love exploring!