Monday, January 9, 2012

Come what May

Does everyone fit to the same shaped object?
Does anyone walk the same walk as his neighbor?

I do not think so.

While We may stumble upon similiar situations as our fellow mankind. And have 2cents to put into the other travels pot. maybe that 2cents would be put to better use in your very own pocket.

Not everyone is excited, or happy about the decision to get out of the Military life. its a great life for those who want it, for those who can make it work, for those with will power to miss out, and leave behind and skrimp and save every nickle and dime. Its well suited for families who were once single soldiers who built a family after signing over their life to that of the Military.
But like I said, Not everyone is able to fit into the cookie cutter shapes of the army.
Not everyone has the same experiences we've had outside and in the Army. Not everyone understands the Army until they've experienced the life. Not just watched from afar. But literally got their hands dirty.

Based on logic for a Bohemian lifestyle in which we are acostumed to, one would image it the perfect life for a traveler. But As I have stated in pervious Blogs, my mind set, especially as a mother has changed. I find myself twitching at the thought of Military schools. Possible Deployments, long hours as rank is gained...Midnight calls to rescue Intoxicated Soldiers, other peoples business and their family woes and fueds. Where my husband is taken away from OUR time. Prime kid time, where much happens and much is missed in his absense. Selfish sure, but I want him there for it all.
Not for nothing, but my kids have a sharing problem probably because Im not big on sharing. The time We have on earth is precious. So why waste it? Why be stuck in ruts? Why miss out of those moments of awe and enjoyment because of work? Why beat yourself ragged one day, to miss out, and do it all over again the next? Surely, We can manage a life outside the Army. We have before. And mind you done much better on time and finance then we have in the past 2 years working and living under government sanctions.
2012 is going to be a bigger deal personally for me, then 2011 was. in which case I did a ton of soul search and changing in. Grew up and matured in different ways, realized things about myself and my family...2012 will not be anything short of a change. Spiritually, mentally, physically.
A year is a long time for sure. As we have just started, maybe its a bit...early to make plans. Maybe we have jumped the gun a bit on sharing news of getting out. Maybe Things will be different in a few months.
But Come what may. My hope is that people will be understanding, and accepting of what happens. For I know whats meant to be will be. I can not forsee what our year will look like, But I know what I want, what we want and what we feel long term will be best...and for right now Military life....well we will see