Sunday, January 1, 2012

The List

HAPPPPPY New Year Faithful Readers, Friends and Family.
Im So excited for this year to start. So much can happen in one year and I want this one to be the Best year so far for our Little Family. AS we embark on this new year, and yet another year older, maybe a tad more wiser, with a brighter tint of joy. Lets think positive, lets be smart, lets get up and move. Lets not be held by fear. Now that all my babies are no longer babies :( It will be interesting to see where our family is directed.
So Welcome 2012. Let us begin.

2012 To-Do list.

A list Of items I myself would like to see done. As well as a few Family to-do's. If we can accomplish them all this year then We are SUper;)

~ Start and finish my CNA course.
~ Finish my nutrition class
~ Finish decorating the house, including curtains and area rugs.
~ Find awesome bunk beds for girls
~ Get a new Car
~ Pay off some debt
~ Start and finish successfully at losing weight. Goal 5pds a month.
~ Drive up to Forks for the day
~ Go to The Local Fairs
~ Enroll kids in Gymnastics, swimming lessons and maybe riding lessons.
~ Schedule Sophies Surgery
~ Teach Emily how to write out the entire Alphabet and have her learn letter sounds
~ Learn 200 more signs.
~ Find a good night Job
~ Register kids with CYS
~ Register Girls For School
~ Master a few good recipes
~ Write 10 chapters of a hit novel
~ Have more date nights
~ Family fun night out once a month
~ figure out pizza dough lol
~ grow my hair
~ take up jogging
~ Do a few home crafts, like make my own wreaths
~ Drink less beer
~ Take up yoga and do it 3 times a week
~ Burns more candles and incense
~ Print out our photos and make photo albums
~ Speak to my brothers more often
~ Show more appreciation toward matt
~ Control my temper better
~ Instead of working on getting new friendships, work on the ones I have
~ Donate time and support to Charty,give back what we can
~ Get our family portraits done.
~ Find a good Church
~ Find a good childrens Bible Story Book
~ Try new food
~ Start signing Sentences as a family
~ Visit the local water parks
~ Fence in the back yard
~ Get Matts Tamaskan asap
~ Fix the cats
~ Get our passports and visit Canada
~ Go camping at least once
~ Maybe get on a cruise to Alaska
~ Get matt his gaming system finally
~ Rent a boat and Go fishing
~ Visit Leavenworth WA for the Christmas Light Show

Lots to do, lots we would like to get done in the next year and a half we have in Washington state. Im sure Im missing some things But I can always add more to this later down the line.
I pray for an amazing year, for this family who has been through enough for right now. I pray for health and safety, for our family and All of our friends and family out there. May this year find everyone well.
Happy New years...

LETS get this Party started