Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Simply By Taste

Its been a good long while since I have posted anything here on my blog. Gosh I cant believe it. For A while Now Ive been wanting to post, but not exactly sure of how to start it. Writers Block? Maybe. With lots to say, and not really sure how to get it all least with out me soundly like a lunatic...AGAIN :)
But then it hit me. In regards to a facebooks status someone I know posted, that had to do with Creationism vs Evolution. It started to make me think about differences of opinion. Different thought processes, back grounds, beliefs and life styles. Different opinions. Right or Wrong not having anything to do with how the person chooses to live life.
There are some people out there who would very much prefer to indulge in sweet Cherry pie

Vs the tarty goodness of a beautiful Apple pie. Some do not like pie at all. Some think Pie doesnt just have to be a dessert

While some of us love to wake up each morning and smell the salt ocean Waters, others like the feeling of being secluded and lost in the mountains, surrounded by air and Wild life.

Just as Some of us are believers in Christ and others do not understand. Like understanding the difference between religion and believing. Its hard for some to grasp the amount of Power that is From Our heavenly father, and to believe in such things as Heaven, hell, Satan, and Angels.
I have the beliefs that were recorded from with in the Bible. While Im not a perfect Christian, I do not use what I know about my Savior, and forgiveness and my salvation to be an excuse to do Horrible things. I do my best to still walk a worthy, Christ like Life, and Allow others to form their own opinions about their life.

In other ways we all differ from our taste in LOCATION~ thehehe. Im an advid mover. Mover of all movers, who long for change and open road and meeting new people and seeing fresh new Places. Some however prefer to live in the same place their entire life. Never really embracing the land that The Lord has provided for us to explore. Some prefer the West...Some the East. Others the South. In my little World Tho ive seen many places theres things about Each side of the GREAT U.S.A that I love.
West vs East. Ive gained a little bit more understanding of the convited West coast. The Laid back People, the year round weather, the Hippie Life style, the Convertable car weather, Tons of Dog parks, Long Summer nights, Beautiful Sea life at your finger tips. But The New Yorker in Me will always love the East Coast, New York being #1 always. From the "real" types of People, the Wonderful accent (though Orange County really has an accent of their own, kind of a North Jersey meets Brooklyn fusion kind of thing)The Attitude, the Culture, the Fashion,The Nail tip wearing style hoarding types. The let me get in your face, then kiss you like we are sisters kind of fighting. grudge holding, honestly Wonderful New Yorkers. Not to mention the Only place you can get Chinese Food that Looks like it should, and Pizza that Makes you want to Fly back to New York for one day for.
The West Coast chinese Food
THis is "sweet and Sour Chicken" here.
Where as I much prefer the Greasey New York Version of Sweet and Sour Chicken cuz lets face it, if youre gonna indulge INDULGE man.

Then of course, pizza. Its a no brainer....Gotta get New York real pizza man. All out here For just mediocre

Best things to be Getting West of the Mississippi Would be California Rolls, Fish Tacos and anything with Veggies.

Course, my opinion leaves everything else known to our country in the Middle. And How do you really choose the best...What makes you right? What changes your mind, and converts you to forming a new idea???

Simply by Taste.

We all prefer one thing over another...we choose to live a certain way, a believe in things we see, or feel. We go with our gut feelings.
My taste in Clothes, food and Beliefs may not be in your taste. But Its why GOD created us to be individuals, equal among men, but Reaching to be something more.

So here we are. About to Start February, 16 days away from Sophie's ear surgery, which I havent really been touching base on publicly, as it is a sensitive subject still in my heart, mind and family.

With that in Mind, our choice to implant Sophies ear, isnt really because we find it to be the right thing to do. Truth be told, I felt guilty thinking about Not implanting her because the "world" around us thinks other wise. So We ARE NOT implanting Sophie to "FIX" her. Shes not broken. Shes not less then anyone. Shes not limited. Shes Sophie. Simply Sophie. Our Choice has led us to also decide that Implantation will also not be allowed to define her. As the World wants us to push sounds, and speaking and voices and her using her voice on her...that Will not be the case in our house. Our FEELINGS are as such, that if she doesnt want to...we wont make her...if shes tired of it, she doesnt have to use it, if she feels like skipping therapy, So be it. I want her to have environmental awareness and having an implant will get her that. However, Vocal needs...NO. We are A Signing family and will remain to be. Others have their opinion on our situation, but no one knows Sophie better then we do. This Device is not a fix it...its a helper, and she can decide later what she wants to do with it....our choice!

Happy Tuesday Friends, it was A good January, Hope it ends well for all