Tuesday, March 20, 2012

From the Moon to Neptune

Rocket Rocket BOOM, BOOM
Off to Neptune.

The Journey to The Moon was quit interesting. Baby moon walking and Giant leaps of faith toward a Product to Introduce hearing.
An Experience I had Hopes (even dispite my doubts)would give her a Famously wonderful OUT of this World Experience.
AS each time with Her processor Progresses, I still do not find my doubts and regrets to fall from my waist line. They still lingure there, holding me down. But thats not a big surprise.

Meanwhile, Neptune. the 8th planet in our own Solar system. Named after the Roman God of the Seas...Perfect fit for my Swimmmmy Fish Sophie. WIth its Highest Winds and Strong Magnetic field gave Advanced Bionics the Idea and allowed them to Wonderfully name their Processor after this Blue Planet.

We've changed our Rockets Course. Neptune is where Our new Adventure and Foreign rein shall be. We will conquer the harsh realities of the Neptune Atmosphere, and Make it suitable for Sophie...our family. And Turn something that Has given doubts into joy. It May not be our Home away from home for a while, as we settle into this new World. But Maybe one day it will be. At Sophies pace of Course. As she continues to experience little Jolts of discomfort, and "growing pains" from Sounds and vibrations.
The Processor is Super Simple. its Easy for Her to even use herself. To put on, take off, change battery, change channel. The mere Size of a lipstick and Almost like a headphone piece that goes on an Ipod.

Its been difficult to make her keep it on extensively. So we Let her take Breaks now and then. Back on it goes...sometimes a while, sometimes its only 5 minutes before shes running to her room as tho to hide and remove it. I did for the 1st time get a smile when I showed her it this morning. Put it on her...then it led to tears...and only 15 minutes of wear time. But in my book thats ok. Testing testing 1,2,3 right.So we try again and again and get her used to it.

Can not say with Ease that Im glad we did this to her. I can not say I like it, but I can also say I dont not like it. Im giving it a chance just as much as her. Therapy soon. Maybe she will respond better to strangers then us. Only time will tell.

Rocket Rocket BOOM, BOOM
off to Neptune