Thursday, March 22, 2012

In Harmony

In Harmony.
Comes Natural.

It dawned on me last night, that I should ask the Therapist to ready the Harmony processor. Because After all it looks similiar to the hearing aids that Sophie Finally got used to.

So thats what she did.

And Today was a fabulous Session.
She didnt cry, or cringe, or take it off, and was able to sit thru the 3rd level witho

ut noticing much
So She upped all the channels on the 2 processors.
The Difference between the two, is the Harmony, is bulky, and on the ear. its large, it dangles and is heavy. No sound beeping when she takes it off, and It needs the battery attached to even be on.
The Neptune, Like i explained before is light, easy, simple, and lets me know when its off. Plus its not for the ear.

So now that we have both in working order we can jump around to figure out what suits her best, until shes ready to be a single user.

Like I said. We had a good day. Tho, its 235pm and Sophie didnt even nap on the way back from Seattle.

We will be back for more fine tuning in April. So till then, wish us luck that we reach the goal of keeping her on her loudest setting.