Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tribute Letter

A Tribute to a Friend Who has passed. And Although many years have come and Gone, you are still missed, and Always Thought about. I hear your Drums, and See your Smile, Feel the love of your mother Saving me from YOUR WILD WAYS. Ouch my HAND still hurts from that Family picinic. :) The Sleepovers...the Video games. Scary movie movie nights. Mrs Church and the Jelly Fish. Dancing around for you n Danny in a Church parking lot. ;) What was the Name of that church again? Car Shows, and the Diner...Random party meet ups. You trying to teach me to play the Drums...yea FAIL~ hahahaha Hundreds of family parties, gatherings, and Church events. Being the nasty big brother who loved to torture me with Water! I was 9 months Pregnant when you passed. I can close my eyes and see the 100s of people who came to say their good byes. Even though I was bitter that Some were there, as if it was a "harmony event" instead of your wake, n some were there balling their eyes as if they had been your best friend...even tho they barely spoke to you! It was amazing reguardless of a send off. But I cant get passed the Morning I got that call...the Call that The lord had called you to his side. I remember where I was, how I had just woke up. That it was chilly and overcast outside my window. My first call was to my husband, who had been with My father that morning. I shared the news. My father was...without words. For he had such respect for you and for your amazing family. If I close my Eyes, I can feel your Mom calling out to me in that line at your wake. I can STILL HEAR STILL HEAR how she said my name. "oh Becci, Oh BECCCCCCI OH" Her pain. Her Overwhelming pain. Your Fathers Refined calmness, as he greeted each person, and still managed to muster enough strength to still ask me about the Baby Growing in my belly. My Aunt and My Uncle(it was his birthday the day of the wake), keep composure much you meant to them. I can still see Where My Cousin Mike Sat in the Church, the look, the sadness, the fact he didnt move, just looked straight ahead. N I remember that was the 1st time I had hugged him in ages. He was lost. You'd be so proud of what Mike has accomplished these days, as Im sure you know! You see Dont you??!!! But you looked at Peace. N here on Earth we still share our love for you. Our stories and our memories. You have been long gone but in our hearts you will remain forever. Subtle moments will jog a thought of you. Funny TV personalities will make me think "oh he reminds me of Michael" My poor Husband, Hears it a few times a month. I swear. He must think Im insane. You would have like Matt. He loves to make fun of me...just like you! I wouldnt have stand a chance if the two of you had been in the same room with me.... ;) :) I know your happy. Safe and blessed up there with Christ. I know youre one of my angels, and you've put in a good word. N I hope you see how much You meant to me. N how I will never forget. Not this week. Or every March of each Year that passes. Rest in Peace my Friend