Wednesday, February 16, 2011

getting it started

Been thinking all afternoon, about what I need to do to throw myself into high gear! Get a move on BECCI Get a MOVE ON, I picture the silly little cartoon yelling to me.
I need that in your face get it done kind of feeling. sure I am not happy with how I look and thats motivation to change it, sure I want to chase my kids and not be out of breath, but with so much taking over my day with 3 kids I find myself wanting to just sit in peace when i have the moments to do so. BUT thats about to change. these next 30 days need to be about sacrificing, peace, or activity and junk for pumped.
I can do it I can do it I can do it.
I have formulated a plan to fit myself and my quick on the go life I have at home with these darling children. I have a scheduled Work out time frame. and I have the resources I need. Plus, this blog to help me stay in line!

its all about, MOVING, I really dont eat that often anyway, but I my spurts of energy are reserved for action with the kids, and now With this new month to improve, my energy will be spread through out the day. Which in the end I know, not only will make me feel better, look better and think better, but will help me sleep better too, which..........Im so lacking in good healthy sleep!

Im starting off this session with Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. Why? Well I love her, I think she maximizes the time well and hits all the target zones I need. I WILL lose the 20 pouds in 30 days you can while using her system and my formulated eating plan. After which I will change it up and get into my next phase of POWER activity. Chalean...AWESOME stuff, but a lil more intense and will be better once my body is acclimated for more intense pylometrics with 20 pounds being off this short frame of mine!

IM ready soooo ready. Im taking each month at a time setting different goals each time till I get the results im looking for. So that hopefully by July....Ill be more then on my way to the ultimate Me~ The Elite Me~

getting active! getting excited!