Saturday, February 19, 2011

A language...I do not know! and many questions

One Would think that something so simple, as looking up a sign online, or In a book would be just that...simple!
My mind when we first got the news of Sophies range of Deaf-ness. I said to myself. OK, lets learn ASL. American Sign Language. Right? Who knew the true depth in which we were getting into. ASL is the most used...maybe!? Im not to sure. It is by far the one put out in America the most. Colleges have Full on degrees that specialize in ASL. So when you look into Signs. You will notice that many signs have different ways of doing it, and different types of Sign language. So what do you study? What do you learn? Can you mix it up? If you learn ASL, must you only use ASL? What if the person you are talking too, learned the language under a different system??

Its all so confusing. Or am I just Naive? CLueless into the silent which I do not live...who do I get to ASK, for Sophie is the only COMPLETE Deaf person I know.

What I do know, is that reguardless, I love the Book Grams gave me, and I know its not ASL, the signing flash cards I was using, was not ASL. THe teachers that Work with Sophie, dont use ASL...N when I compare the signs Ive learned with ASL...I like the ones Ive learned.I like how it flows, and Sophie Catches on to them well. OOOOOOO HUGE SIGH! HUGE HUGE HUGE SIGH!

So heres to the method of trying different types, and learning lots and lots, as much as we can absorb. To...daily signs that we will learn and the quiz we give each other each Sunday!
Heres to a family, becoming Bi-lingual...maybe tri-lingual?? with the different sign systems ;) who really knows.

Lastly, after writing my last entry, A fact was pointed out to me....that...
SILENCE is lonely.

While that may be true. Especially for those of us who can hear, and those of us using Science to make that hearing happen..that when there are moments where our Hearing is taken away, even just slightly. I suppose that quiet, can be really lonely.
But what does a little girl know of Silence...when She doesnt know Sound at all? and with that...can there really be that lonesomeness?
Shes the most happiest of little girls. Friendliest in all sorts of ways. Reaches out to touch strangers from the seat of the shopping cart and waves almost at every passer byers...So...Is her Silence A lonely Silence?
Will then the World of Sound when she gets the more then Frightening?

So many questions and so much time, before I can get any of my answers!