Friday, February 18, 2011

Melodies of silent Tongues

Ode to a Deaf Child . . .
One day I saw a little child as lovely as a flower,
She danced and ran, she jumped and turned ...
I watched her for an hour.

This child of God was all the things I'd want my own to be,
Magnificient of heart adn limb a curiosity.

But when God made this little one he didn't give her sound,
He left her in silent world where quiet is profound.

A deep abyss, a lonely world, away from all who hear,
To never know the voice of man in happiness or fear.

And as I watched her hands make pictures in the air,
A silent unknown rhythm that I could never share.

For in this world of silence the hearing rarely go,
Because they lack the picture words it never can be so.

This causes me to wonder about the world of sound,
What is it that we're missing where the silence is profound?

And then I knew the answer, it suddenly was there--
To live and love togethere means people have to share.

Thus in the world of picture words where pretty symbols flow,
The meanings of I LOVE YOU is there for all who know.

And so I guess the world of sound will stay a world apart,
Until it learns the picture words, it cannot share the same heart.

Philip A. Bellefleur, Ph.D.

Silent Hands

Can you hear me?
Listen, not with your ears
But with your eyes.
To you they speak,
My silent hands.
Hear me tell my tale.
Hear me sing my song.
Learn my language,
My beautiful native language.
Hear my hands,
Hear my music and story.
Learn my language.
Speak to me with your hands.
Share my beautiful language.
Hear my silent hands.
We have a tale to tell,
A song to sing.
Open your eyes
And hear me speak.

Author: Sandra L. Brooks

My Hands

God chose that I should never talk
and share a voice with you.
My world will be a silent one--
my ears hears nothing, too.

Why was it I was chosen to be
so all alone--
My inner voice was asking if
the answer could be known.

Then I look into the mirror and
saw good things looking back,
I had to take the positives--
put them on the right track.

I thought a lot about it,
and now I want to shout,
The wondrous gifts God gave me
outnumber what He left out.

So let me take the challenge in
meetings life's demands--
I have the power to change things,
and it lies here in my hands.

Stevie Drown

A Deaf Child's Prayer

Do the angels sing in Heaven, Lord?
Will I hear music there?
Or must I stand in a corner
While others join in prayer?
While I wonder what they're saying Lord,
As oft I do down here?
Must I sit in lonely stillness
While the bells ring loud and clear?
Can I read your lips in Heaven,
Lord Will I be brushed aside,
And stick my hands in pockets
Because of wounded pride?
Will all the saints there praise thee,
While I in silence wait?
Will some one up in Heaven
Help me through the gate?

Then God, who loves the humble,
Whispered in the poor deaf ear
My child, has no one told you,
There is no silence here.
Hold out your hands, my little one,
For Heaven all to see.
We've heard them pray so many times,
Each prayer reached up to Me.
See, all the angels waiting.
The gates are open wide.
Your crown of life awaits you,
And I shall be your guide.
I have a song to give you,
You'll sing both loud and clear.
And the song you sing, my dear one,
Will be the sweetest song up here.

Doris Isbell (McDonald) Crowe'
Registered Interpreter for the Deaf,
Employee of a International Relay System
for the Deaf , sponsored by the F.C.C.

I find it amazing, that in my search for Deaf literature the search engine had trouble locating some under specific names I searched for. Powerful Deaf people, whos written word of the 19th century was scrutinized, and torn down, by belief that such arts, like poetry is meant to be spoken when read, so that the audience can FEEL the purpose of the WORDS. SUCH BULL!!!! Come on really. Sign language in itself is an Art, and let me say NOT AS EASY AS IT LOOKS PEOPLE!
I do wonder why it is, we look to the World to be All Audio? WHY? Why do we feel that limitations such as hearing loss will subject loved ones to pain.....OH WAIT I know, Because the World is full of selfish, mean, cruel people who lack empathy, who have no knowledge of what it means to be limited. Who justify their actions by Creating a World when those that APPEAR less then they are...simply are! and thats such cowardness. When those with a disabilty have more Character and peace and ABILITY then the mindless dromes who lead others into believe their make believe world. where all things should be the same and perfect! Right?
I question every day, whether Our decision to Change what Sophie is...A beautiful Deaf girl, will effect her later negatively or positively. Of COurse Only the Lord knows how she will be later in her life. Do I surrender to the hearing World. And Allow myself and "leaders" label her something now only to TRY and put her in the Group Of "normal-ness" (which by the way I HATE HATE HATE the word normal now! if only my tired mind could think of a better term to forever go by)
Only the deaf know! Right? Well only the caring Parent of a Deaf Child knows as well? The Silent World in which they live...Maybe its only for them to decide, if silence over some hearing, will change how people look at them anyway....Will it change peoples Mind? Will the fact that We put Sophie thru the surgery Change how they see her...with her Aids on...Will the look be different if they just saw her speaking with her Hands? NO....I dont believe so! Its still that same God awful face...the "oh Im sorry" sentence and the pity you eyes...GAG!!!!!!!!!
As you can tell IM a little bitter right now! Stuck between my mind and my heart. My selfishness to hear her speak my name, and my Motherly desire to GIVE HER anything she wants. DO I know whats right for A World I've never been in first hand?
Then I see Emily...who is more then capable of Speaking and hearing, WHo uses bigger words then I use on a daily basis....I see her PREFER to use her hands to speak in Front of NON family people! What is that telling me? What does that show?

Lots of praying I need to do. To See a clear path to take!

I guess too, Only time will Tell. When Sophie is able to make up her mind. Reguardless...I never want her to feel bitter. OR angry. I want to try anything and everything and purse ALLLLLLLLLL of everything...ASL, Audio, Drama Class, Gymnastics, Karate...ANYTHING! because I never want her to feel her Ears...will hold her back! Because I wont let that happen. I wont let her feel failed by this World, that Label...everyone!