Thursday, February 3, 2011


So I have been trying to get more information on what Sophie's condition is like. I have been asked Questioned like "what can she hear" "can she hear me talk?" "whats the next step?"

So I found a small list that will give people an idea of what might be heard by our little girl. The last hearing test was done on the 1st. She only gave us 2 response. One at 750hz and one at 1000hz. The responses can in between 95 and 105 DB. Meaning that she heard only VERY LOUD sounds at a very low toned Frequency. Like a BASS tone. NO high pitches can be heard. Now mind you this is ALL WITH her aids on!

50 - 75 dB air conditioner
50 - 80 dB electric shaver
55 - 70 dB dishwasher
60 - 85 dB vacuum cleaner
60 - 95 dB hair dryer
65 - 80 dB alarm clock
75 - 85 dB flush toilet
80 dB ringing telephone
110 dB baby crying
90 - 115 dB subway
120 dB ambulance siren
130 dB jackhammer, power drill
130 dB percussion section at symphony
140 dB airplane taking off
95 - 110 dB motorcycle
110 dB symphony concert
110 dB car horn
110 -120 dB rock concert
112 dB CD player on high
117 dB football game (stadium)
150 dB firecracker
157 dB balloon pop
162 dB fireworks (at 3 feet)
163 dB rifle
166 dB handgun
170 dB shotgun

Decibel Levels of Environmental Sounds

Source--Dangerous Level dBA SPL
Produces Pain 120-140
Jet Aircraft During Takeoff (at 20 meters) 130
Tractor Without Cab 120
Rock Concert 110
Die Forging Hammer
Gas Weed-Whacker
Chain Saw
Pneumatic Drill 100-105
Home Lawn Mowers 95 to 100 dB
Semi-trailers (at 20 meters) 90

Source-- dBA SPL
Discomfort Level Above 80
Heavy Traffic 80
Automobile (at 20 meters) 70
Vacuum Cleaner 65
Conversational Speech (at 1 meter) 60
Quiet Business Office 50
Residential Area at Night 40
Whisper, Rustle of Leaves 20
Rustle of Leaves 10
Threshold of Audibility 0

With out her aids, Sophie had gotten responses between 120 and 150. If you notice it says those kinds of levels are in the range of PAIN for someone without hearing loss. Sounds on this list, that MAY be something she can hear with her aids on. Are...
Lawn mower
chain saw
jack hammer

When she gets her Implants. She will beable to learn how to detect and respond to speech. Learn how to talk and read. Hear music and be on a phone. Just all those sounds will come in much much different.
WE, without Hearing trouble hear on Soundwaves...

Sophie will not be hearing soundwaves. Her Mind will be directly getting the signal that sound is coming thru the implant. And be able to feel the pulses. Because of her degree of hearing loss.
Currently her Audiologist believes that the hairs with in her Cochlea have been completely Wiped out. The anatomy of the ear, those ears help to move sound from the Ear drum to the Nerve endings, that tell the brain noise is there. thus the Brain reacting, recognize the sound or search for the source. The implant will take the place of those "hairs" that are possibly missing in sophies ear.

I hope this helps some people understand a lil more about whats going on. As I learn more, and understand the process' I will Let you guys whom are interested on point as Well.