Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fatty "fat tuesday"

For all you out there, who really know me, Knows that I have a huge quirky side. I say weird things, laugh at weird moments, say crazy things and have weird habits. To me Im very sensible, but for some, Im too out of this world to understand. Lucky for me I found Matty who gets me, and my few good friends who have NO CHOICE but to tolerate me (hahaha)
As Im sitting here blogging thinking about Lent and all that must go with it...Although Im not Catholic, Im going to take lent serious for my weighloss goal. I fell off the wagon during my monthly enemy visit. Now that that has settled down, im ~*JUMPING*~ back in!With both feet too ;)

So what am I going to swear off?
Chicken (because well my quirky self finds the taste of chicken here SOO gross, it has this weird old taste to it, and expensive, and did I say Gross)
COFFEE (which will be soooo hard, but thats the point right, to give up stuff that you love the most enlight of the lent season)
Soda ( tho Ill have a glass of Diet caffeine free now and then)
Sugar (will us splenda instead)

I will Vow to;
Work out for 30 mins 5 days a week
walk to the track 3 times a week for at least a mile
Do one chapter and one quiz every other day of my School work

The Weather is supposed to be gorgeous the next 10 days, and I hope after that it stays that way, it always lifts my spirits when the day is warm, not hot, but warm. Where I can take my lovely out of control children to run off energy at the park. The sun is staying up just a little bit longer and soon the start of spring will be here...I can not wait. I have my mind set of reaching my goal in one way or another. and As I read yesterday in my school book..."train dont strain, No pain no Gain is insane" so Ima do it safe, and on point! Looking to my Kids and my friends and Matt for support!!!! I know I CAN DO THIS!
So take that...Fat Tuesday
Now im off to clean out my Cabinets and Fridge to take the temptation out and throw it away!