Wednesday, March 23, 2011

...if only!

So, my weeks are running together, Ive been keeping myself busy, out of the house most days, running crazy. Ive been working out and eating better. But at the end of last week I somewhat, Fell apart. Stress, hormones, what have you, got the best of me. I was an emotional moody roller coaster. Thus far, this week has been better, and Im thankful for that.
For months now, Ive been researching sign language, has learned lots, shared lots, helped Sophie where I can. Shes crazy smart, and definitely an indepent lady.
People know im a Facebook junkie, and on there I have "liked" page after page for deafness, and sign language. So this morning I asked the question on a few of them "where can I get kid friendly educational sign language DVD's and if there arent any, Shouldnt there be some?" n the response I got was less the welcoming to the idea. They said, they feel as tho the biggest influence and teacher should be that of a parent or teacher to some them personably, not by funny characters or entertainment.
Now let me begin by saying, Im not against Parents and teachers being the influence and using repetition. But to think that Sign language entertainment shows are not created for children who really cant hear speech to me, is..absurd. (dont mind all my spelling errors)
If "hearing" children can learn from parents and school and education shows on Nick Jr and Disney and ABC...and Signing Time DVD's that promote signing, but have stated themselves that it is geared to hearing Children...then WHY should it be any different for Children who can NOT hear???????? WHY cant they have a DVD that has characters and adventures and pictures and be taught to read and count and recongize that is specialized to meet the needs of hearing imparement? Or am I a day dreamer.? Creativity can spree from such shows, possiblities and laughter. My Sophie watches Nick Jr, and yes she laughs and pays attention, but how much of it is she getting? she cant read, she cant read lips yet? Why should she not enjoy something she can relate to. Now dont get me wrong. I know theres signing time dvds and sign alot dvds and books and flash cards...BUT PEOPLE shes 2. She cant hear the musical numbers on Signing time. The woman who does it, signs fast and all she does is smile...Which to be honest...those who are deaf use facial expressions as they sign...NOT just smiling all the time. Im mad? can you tell? I want entertainment thats relatable. FUN! educational! Why is it not out there?

I have ideas i nmy mind as to how I would like to see the DVD, but who am I? Im a mom who wasnt prepared for this adventure, and wishes I had a bigger educational background and the knowledge and skill set needed to create and produce the type of DVD im talking about. Or knew people in the industry that could help me make it possible. But I seem to be alone in this. And Im tired and feeling like because SOphie is limited on hearing that she doesnt get the chance to take pleasure in simple things. Shes all about body language on these Shows and I feel as tho she needs more stimulation to get the messages that the Nick Jr+ shows are putting out there.

While those of you who know me, knows im all about adventure and spur of the moment Ideas and moving all the time, and change. I still want stability and home and to be prepared...and I feel like a helpless mom who doesnt get the chance to help my daughter because I dropped out of College and cant draw and cant work computer magic. ahhhh if only... if only people who want to hear the pitch and make it possible...if only!