Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"highway" Time

Yesterday afternoon, was the first time in the 9 months that we have lived in California that I realized Why these Desert Dwelling Californians Love where they live. Yesterday I noticed more then ever the peace, that the barren Mountains Bring to the soul.

The Drive to Yucca Valley where Sophies Audiologist is, is a long a boring drive. Nothing but Desert flats, Mountains to climb, small run down towns and broken down Trailers for never ending miles and miles. A 2 lane highway, that takes you in between Mountains and up into High elevations. Much like those movies you see in the desert where nothing is around...yea!
Because Matt and his 24hr CQ shift the night before I had the priviledge to drive TO Yucca Valley on my "own" while he slept in the passanger seat. He and everyone else slept and I danced alone listening to the very FEW radio stations we got. Watched RV after RV fly passed me and got cut serveral times by crazy white haired old ladies (whom never cease to amaze me in their driving skills here in SoCal, Old people drive FAST!!!!! REAL FAST out here)
The Drive there was long and boring and I couldnt wait for the 2 hrs to end.

Sophies appt was short and sweet, just adjusting her aids so it would be hard for her to now take them apart and hide or chuck at me, in her display of refusing to wear them. Which tends to be a horrible and loud scream...and running and shaking her head no like theres no tomorrow~~SIGH~~

I was dreading the lonely Drive back, because Matt needed to get some more sleep. So we stopped at Walmart and got the kids some food, to buy some much needed out of car time! But as the day would soon be ending it was time to get back on the road.

20 minutes into the Ride, as we just were leaving the yucca Valley/Johnson Valley borders, Everyone but myself had passed out again. I played the radio and tuned out Matts excessive snoring next to me. I was in a daze, and starting to I shouldnt be driving, I was bored and exhausted...Not what usually happens in my long drives...I worked thru that by singing to myself and then...I noticed, the sun prepping itself for its descent. Through the clouds and over the peaks of the mountains it was casting its light down onto the highway...That Woke me up right away~

I started to think about how beautiful the land was. And How the trailer dwelling families out here are really Lucky to get to see the sun set everyday, and wake up the the birds singing in the mountains that stand DIRECTLY behind them. Not so bad. Peaceful. Very little amounts of People stay out there, and For those searching for miles and miles of nothing but nature and peace! And heat! they have found it! ANd I saw it for the first time, out on that Highway, thinking to myself, seeing...what they see! Understanding!...Hoping one day to real want to settle my gypsy self, and plant my roots deep into a land that makes me feel...that very way!

My pictures I took yesterday March 1st on highway 247~