Saturday, April 30, 2011

When it rains it hales

Last year something happened. I got to spend time with another member of my biological family! Which was great in getting a glimpse into the family I barely know! For those of you who dont know! I was adopted by my Biological mothers sister, officially when I was 3. Grew up always knowing I was adopted and truth be told, in adoption its best to always make that known,the Child deserves to know. My family is Great! My dad always worked hard for us, my Mother spent her days pining over our affection and time spent with her! Took care of us and was always our back-up. My 3 crazy brothers, always made the day interesting and I like to think my best of friends with my Brother John, whos only 3 years younger then I. Ups and downs in our family. Horrible Illness-spats of fighting-clingy-ness-independence and at the end of a 24 year roller coaster ride...a divorce!
Leading us all to our separate ways! Family I barely speak to, and cant see! Only because we live so away.
When My hubs and I ran off to Florida last year we spent time with my Aunt! A blood relative! And I remember in the first few times she had asked me this..."Am I anything like your mother?" weird to ask one would think right away! Right?
Well, at first! I said no! But now as time has passed by! I realize in fact...she is just like my mom, and my mom just like her, and I...JUST LIKE THE BOTH OF THEM!...stubborn, grudge keeping, neurotic (about different things sure, but the extend of it all is closely related),loving with all our person! sparatic! Ever changing! scared! Holding back of emotion until it explodes,clingy, bossy! huge MOOD swings!Paranoid! A battle with in us,that puts a wall around us! RESENTMENT! Easy to write people off! the list of our similarities could go on! GOOD and BAD!
Ive always said I have a gypsy soul! And While I still believe that true...and more truer as my days progress on, and im molding more into....dare I say it!
I can now say that the true factor that over takes who I am as A person, especially in my state of mind right now (upset at my husband) that In my emotions "HALE" the Name to which Myself and these ladies where born into,previals! Making me say "when it storms it HALES".
All beautiful women! All covering up deeply emotional wounds that bring us"close" in our stories~in our lives~even with out spoken words!
Theres really no denying the strength of this blood line~