Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mash up

last January. Wow its been a year already.
Our Sophie had just turned 2, and we were off to pick up her hearing aids for the first time. Her wonderfully pink sparkling aids.

We spent the "winter" in the desert. While it wasnt that COLD per-say. It was definitely crazy with wind. But we fought through it and always did our trips to the beautiful parks they had there.

It was a good run in the Desert and Sometimes I surely do miss it. But now its time for a New Year. A new year~~~~ ALREADY~~~~ Im looking forward to what there is out there for us. what it means for us. what it means for the kids. So much is about to Change. I have to prep myself. Slow down and oace things. Contrate on my family and their needs. Only keep those who Matter close to me. Not sweat the small things.

We traveled and we moved. To a place we had high hopes for.

Love traveling but looking forward to settling down somewhere and just taking long vacations.

So In 2011. Sophie Turned 2, Em turned 4, We found Reese a new home, then Homed a mini chi. Adopted a kitty, and Traveled North to Washington for our New home. Ryan turned 1, We turned 26 and moved onto post at J.B.L.M Got rid of the annoying mini chi and Adopted A tiny black Kitty. Found out we LOVE kitties so much. Visited the Sound and Enjoyed the beaches here. Dressed up for halloween, Celebrated with Some turkey. Started the Cochlear process with Sophie. Learned lots of sign language. Learned a lot about ourselves, our family, and what we can handle and not. Had ups and downs, Fights, and our first date night in a long time. Wrapped a few gifts and let the kids rip them open. LOT of stuff went down this fast year. Im not sad to see things go and a new year start. Theres lots that will betaking action in 2012 and I want this to be our best year to date.
With the changes coming....and a new year here. And Ryan now in a "big boy" bed. I guess its time to kiss the baby years goodbye.

here momma. Im a big kid now. :)

Keep safe, enjoy, kiss your loved ones and Ring in the Year with an awesome state of mind.