Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Lion the Witch and the Elephant in the Room...?

Gathered in a room full of people...Its loud. Lots of movement.When through the Crowd pops out A little girl. All Smiles. All hyper. Ready to party her tush off. People Smile at her, say her name. Speak to her...and then wonder..."does she not care?"..."maybe she doesnt like me" All the while not paying attention to the Signs at hand. "ohh shes Deaf" surprised pitty faces stare blankly back. Silently thinking "now what do i say...hurry either ask a question or change the subject". Its Obvious then...theres an Elephant in the room.
Happens more then one would think. The Silence (no pun intended)forms a wall of tension and uncertainty. Hmm? Some think. How is it shes deaf...her parents are not. Her brother and sister are not. But they are sometimes scared to ask what happened.

The Witch, How we've come to know her very well. She sits day in day out, sleeping, Cleaning...doing her witchy routine. At the very sound of hardship, or evilness, she reveals her self. She defends life. She defends the right to be free of bullying...the hackling snarling green witted sense of humor...has thus changed. Certain things are not as funny anymore.

The lion...this lion is not so cowardly. He stands his ground when called upon, but for the most part, Lays still and quiet in the brush. Annoying the young and females now and again just to make his presense known. Hes a fighter, a leader, a provider. A great influence and loved dearly by his cubs that TAKE JUST AFTER HIM!

As for that still lingures. It roams and pops out now and again.In Different rooms where new questions come up, or when People scratch their heads wondering..."if shes deaf then why is she dancing to the music? why does she act with a mic and a guitar in hand? Why does she laugh at the Movie?"...
What we have learned is that reality, is a hard thing to swallow. Tasteless,mostly...Bitter at times. Sweet with every inch of laughter. Sometimes Burning as it drips down the back of your throat, swelling your eyes. Its our reality, Elephant or not...We've learned to live it, and take nothing for granted!