Thursday, September 9, 2010

From the Dashboard

Recent events and on going issues have been overwhelming my brain lately. I can not shake all the chaos and whirling of ideas and what if's that over take any space I have left up there. Yet, I try to manage my life, my family and this house hold, with as much grace as I can. Still, not always protraying that,in the heat of the moment I lose my head, my temper and my sanity.
I glance back in time when things seemed harder then now and realize it wasnt. I was just being a baby. I think back to opportunities we walked away from, friends we left behind and lives we "loved". Always coming back to the fact that home is where your heart is, and my heart is with my family. So long as we are together, all else can slip away and we will still be richer then most.
Together Matt and I seem to always draw the same conclusion for our future...simplicity at its grandest. Charm in a little home some where amongst the trees. Where the birds stir us awake and the crickets lull us to sleep. Downsizing not our family but our posessions. I believe I once lived the life that of a gypsy and the soul that runs deep into me, will always long for the road. To take with me only that which is dearest,meeting new faces, seeing new places, discovering the world from the dashboard.

Ideas...possiblities for the near future.